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Nefarious: the top 13 villainous humans in the Bible

Anyone who has read the Bible knows that from cover-to-cover it is the ultimate account of good vs. evil in our universe. It reveals humanity at its best and at its worst, yet also gives us the ultimate remedies for our problems and assures us we are all here for a purpose. Not only do we learn from the good people in it, but we can also learn from the evil people in it as well–in other words, how evil people operate and what traits they had that we definitely want to avoid. Here are my picks for the top 13 nefarious, villainous, repulsive humans in the Bible (listed in reverse order because the higher on the list they are, the lower they are in my view):villain in the shadows

13. Herod Agrippa I: he murdered James, the brother of John; unjustifiably jailed Peter with the intent to murder him; sought to destroy the church; and wanted to be worshiped as a god (Acts 12).

12. Athaliah: this daughter of Ahab and Jezebel carried out an illegal, murderous coups when her son King Ahaziah of Judah died. She murdered her own grandkids so she could usurp the throne of Judah then had the audacity to yell “Treason!” when government and religious leaders backed her grandson Joash as the lawful heir to Judah’s throne as they dethroned her and justly gave her the death penalty.

11. Ahab: he as king of Israel encouraged and backed his wife Jezebel in all of her evil and was a warmonger.

10. Jezebel: she as queen spread her insidious form of Baal worship throughout Israel, made the worship of Jehovah illegal and had his prophets murdered, had innocent Naboth murdered in her twisted form of eminent domain, and put a contract out on Elijah the prophet’s life.

9. Balaam: the greedy false prophet-for-profit who sought to weaken Israel by persuading the men to betray their wives by fornicating with pagan women who seduced them into pagan worship.

8. Herod the Great: sneaky, conniving ruler of Judea who thought he could trick the Magi into telling him where the baby Jesus was in order to kill him, then carried out the slaughter of the innocents in Bethlehem when the Magi left Judea without reporting to him.

7. Pharoah in Exodus: mercilessly kept the Jews enslaved even as God carried out judgments against his pagan Egyptian gods, then sought to slaughter the Jews after they left Egypt.

6. Haman: the self-absorbed aid to King Ahasuerus (Xerxes I) of the Persian Empire who sought to commit genocide against all Jews throughout that empire simply because Mordecai the Jew refused to bow to him. He befittingly was hung on his own gallows.

5. Cain: he was the first murderer, betraying his brother out of jealousy, envy, and covetousness, then callously lied about it to God.

4. Nimrod: he ruled Babel (precursor to Babylon) to become the first world leader (Gen. 10:9-10; 11:1-9), was influential in getting the people to build the tower of Babel with the idea they could become like God, and ultimately inspired the Baal pagan system of Babylon which became the false religion on which all other false religions are based.

3. Judas Iscariot: he was a deceiver who pretended to be Jesus Christ’s friend and did a lot of religious works to the point of deceiving his fellow disciples, then carried out the ultimate betrayal leading to Christ’s death.

2. False prophet of Revelation: he will aid the Antichrist in his murderous, God-hating deceptions in the last of the last days.

1. Beast of Revelation (Antichrist): he will be the ultimate signs and wonders deceiver to oppose Christ and his church and will rely on Satan to help him carry out his warcraft, spycraft, witchcrafts, and other ungodly crafts as part of his one world government.


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