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Speaking the truth in love to warn about a dangerous sexual practice

As a Christian, I love people enough to try to be Biblically honest and open about even some of the most sensitive subjects. I’ve noticed that many times people will hate you for speaking the truth in love. They would rather not be made to feel uncomfortable so the lies they embrace that help them feel comfortable are better to them than the truth. I guess that’s part of our sinful human nature. We tend to like things that aren’t good for us. So at the risk of being hated, I want to mention touchy subjects that some may not want to read about regarding sexual practices.

African American couple marriageA couple of weeks ago, a study was released warning about a dangerous side effect of anal sex–fecal incontinence, according to an article today at Yahoo! News. For the study, 6150 adults were surveyed. Five percent of the men admitted to trying anal sex at least once while 37% of women did. The study didn’t mention this, but I suspect that many of them tried it because they and/or their sex partners saw it glamorized in a porn movie and thought it looked like it would be fun to try. The researchers who completed this study did not examine the details concerning the frequency of anal sex, what objects may have been used for it, or even specifically how anal sex leads to fecal incontinence.

Nevertheless, they did discover the following:

  • Roughly 12% of gay men who were anally penetrated were likely to have continence monthly while only 5% of normal men (no anal sex) did.
  • Approximately 10% of women who had anal sex had incontinence monthly compared to only 7.4% of women who did not have anal sex.
  • Gay men had a much higher risk than straight women of incontinence among those who engaged in anal sex.
  • 5.6% of all the men in the study and 8.3% of all the women in the study suffered from incontinence, whether from anal sex or other factors.

The scientists came away from the study noting that those who participate in the practice should be warned of this possible danger, making the common sense suggestion that no “rigid or large objects” be inserted in one’s backside and to stop immediately if severe bleeding or intense pain occurs with medical help being sought afterwards. They suspect the incontinence happens due to the physical wear and tear done to the anal sphincter.

Many have also assumed over the years that lesbian relationships are harmless and hold no dangers, but the Gay & Lesbian Medical Association awhile ago released their list of “Top Ten Things Lesbians Should Discuss With Their Healthcare Provider” to warn about the many health threats the lesbian lifestyle poses to those who take part in it. These are the types of risks a hospital doctor in Boston brought to the attention of his colleagues when he objected to their promoting the gay lifestyle. They fired him over it.

But before all these health risks came to light about these lifestyles, including sodomy (which includes anal sex and oral sex whether gay or straight), the apostle Paul warned in Romans 1 that such practices worked “against nature” and that participants would receive in themselves (their bodies, minds, and spirits) the “recompence of their error.” In other words, they would reap bad things from them. The good news is that God through his Holy Spirit can bring them conversion therapy and healing when they repent and confess Jesus as Lord.


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