Chimpanzee staringGenetic scientists have discovered a new set of over 1300 orphan genes between humans and chimps. Orphan genes are those found only in a specific organism. They have no similarities whatsoever to any genes in any other creature–bearing out the fact that they could not have evolved. What this means is that the more they study the genetic makeup of humans and chimps, the more they discover how vastly different they are. This new discovery takes us further down the road to finding out what a lie the popular evolutionist mantra is. Which mantra? The phrase that “humans and chimps share 98% of their DNA.” Anyone who would state that in this point in time of man’s scientific discoveries is either not up-to-speed on the latest science or is just flat-out lying.

The scientists in this study confined their research to genes taken from the “liver, heart, brain, and testes” of both humans and chimps. To narrow that even further, they focused on spliced genes, which are “complex genes that have coding and non-coding regions, with the coding regions being snipped out of the RNA transcript after they are copied from the DNA.” Chimpanzees have 780 orphan genes found in this study while humans have 634 orphan genes. These results bring up some new dilemmas for Darwinists, since by their evolutionary predictions such vast differences should not be present if all creatures have common ancestry. It would be safe to presume that if vast differences are found in such a restricted study in just four organs, if more organs were included the differences would be even greater.

These findings would be more in line with a creationist viewpoint that predicts organisms with similar functions will have similar genetic codes, but they will also have unique codes setting them apart from all others. Orphan genes do exactly the latter–providing specialized traits and abilities to a specific organism. They also bring to the forefront how intelligent design is manifested in our genetic code, just as a creationist would suggest, versus the evolutionist suggestion that our genes formed haphazardly and randomly on their own by chance. To find out more interesting discoveries found in this study, consult the source below.

Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves… Psalm 100:3

Source: Jeffrey P. Tompkins, Ph.D., Genetic Gap Widens Between Humans and Chimps, Institute for Creation Research, January 21, 2016.