Some Britons are angry with Pope Francis for his opposition to Brexit from EU

800px-StPetersBasilica-Greg-OBeirne-GFDLCreative-CommonsPope Francis has openly expressed his wish that Great Britain remain in the EU, much to the chagrin of many Britons who wish to cut their losses and escape the many downward trends that the EU has thrust upon them. Archbishop Paul Gallagher, a top Vatican diplomat, stated in a TV interview that the Pope believes Britain’s presence in the 28-nation consortium will help uplift and strengthen all of Europe, but that he respects any decision of the electorate.

Then after being questioned more thoroughly by the ITV reporter conducting the interview, Gallagher said in no uncertain terms that the Catholic Church’s stance is that Britain is “better in than out.” The Pope’s statement follows closely on the heels of globalist bankers Goldman Sachs who made a public statement just this week that they support Britain staying in the EU and they backed their statement with a huge contribution toward the campaign to remain in the EU.

A spokesman for the Leave.EU campaign expressed his disdain for the Pope’s views, implying that the Pope’s position was hypocritical. He said, “If being in the EU is so important to the strength of Europe what has Archbishop Gallagher to say to the 23 states that are not in the EU – including of course the Vatican City itself?

“His intervention will not influence a single vote, indeed it might be counterproductive and convince some that Church and state are best kept separated and there are times when the Vatican would be better keeping its counsel to itself.”Although the underlying implication in the source article is that the Pope and the Vatican just recently decided to weigh in on this situation, the EU is actually the brain child of the Vatican and their various priestly orders have been involved in its earliest stages, even when the Treaty of Paris 1951 was signed to create the European Coal and Steel Community under the predominant power of France, West Germany, and Italy (run by the Vatican). This was the precursor to the European Union. So of course the Pope would be opposed to the Brexit, since it would be a setback to the Vatican’s global governance, New World Order aspirations of creating 10 regional governments to eventually have one world leader.Source: Kieran Corcoran, Now the POPE wades into Brexit row: Francis wants Britain to STAY in EU, Daily Express, January 20, 2016.

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