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Mother & son put God’s love in action by rendering aid to hotel fire victims

flames-jpgConnie Sylvester and her 17-yr-old son, Trevor, were on their way to Bible study Wednesday, January 6, in Hopewell, Virginia, when they spotted a hotel on fire. Connie immediately pulled into the parking lot and both of them got out to help evacuate the remaining hotel guests before firefighters and paramedics arrived.

Connie admitted she was concerned that Trevor would go inside the building alone and place himself in danger as he ran toward the building but they both stopped to help an elderly woman inching her way out of the door of her room at that moment. When Connie made sure everything was fine with the elderly lady, she urged Trevor to join the other Good Samaritans who were going door-to-door to evacuate people.

While doing that, he noticed a little boy outside in the cold with just his short-sleeved shirt on, but no jacket. So Trevor took off his Bass Pro jacket and gave it to the boy so he could be warm, and never asked for it back.

Trevor later thought his father would get upset that he no longer had the coat, but his father stated how proud he was of his son. And Connie expressed how happy she was to see that the Christian values Trevor was learning at church and at home were having an impact on his actions. Even a local fire marshal chimed in and said Trevor’s selflessness “… says a lot about how that child was raised. To help somebody and not think twice about it…”

Mother and son eventually made it to Bible study a little late. To see the news story video and read more on the story, go to reporter Wayne Covil’s article, “Mother, son headed to Bible study save folks from burning hotel” at the channel 6 website (January 7, 2016).

Harry A. Gaylord


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