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Freemasons are banned from investigating Britain’s worst sports disaster

soccerballsApril 15, 1989 is a date British soccer fans and sports fans will most likely keep in the memory of their national history for many years to come. On that day Britain’s worst sports tragedy occurred at Hillsborough when 96 fans of the Liverpool soccer team ended up dead. What followed was just as tragic.

The officers from Hillsborough who led the investigation were Freemasons and many citizens claimed the inquiries into how the whole situation occurred became tainted by those Masons conspiring to hide the truth behind how everything unfolded. Decades later after victims and their families have not been satisfied with the lack of justice in the 96 deaths, the case has been re-opened and in a move to maintain transparency and trust as the new investigation moves forward, an independent commission monitoring the police has banned any and all investigators who are Freemasons from taking any part in it.

Freemasons are calling the ban unnecessary, claiming they just exacerbate the fears that people conjure up about them–which is no surprise, coming from them. To read more about the details of the case and actions the Freemasons are accused of in their cover-up of the ordeal, read Dan Kay’s article “Freemasons barred from investigation into alleged Hillsborough ‘cover-up'” dated January 5, 2016 at the Liverpool Echo newspaper website.


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