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Creationists have made noteworthy advances in science

Galileo GalileiHave you ever been told that creationists and their creationism have not contributed anything to science? Or that evolutionists are the only ones making significant discoveries for science? Well, both statements are false and an article from Creation Ministries International gives the specifics on just how much Bible-believing scientists have not only laid the foundations of science in our day, but have built noteworthy advances on those foundations.

Five points are highlighted in the article entitled “Creationist contributions to science” by Don Batten–namely: (1) Creationists founded modern science; (2) Creationist presuppositions provide the philosophical backbone to science; (3) Evolution has not contributed to scientific progress; (4) Evolution has been detrimental to scientific progress; (5) Creationist achievements stand tall.

Harry A. Gaylord


5 thoughts on “Creationists have made noteworthy advances in science

  1. Remember before Darwin there was little debate, so many early scientists were creationists. Add to this that much science does not have anything to do with theology.
    Its a pity more effort is not being put by scientists, led by governments, into antibiotic reasearch.
    Instead of choosing to argue about climate lets apply some science to flood defences and forget about Hubble images pretty as they are.
    At the moment science is out of control; what knowledge we have is wasted in futile arguments instead of being applied for human benifit.


    1. kaptonok,

      I agree with you that we should focus more on applying scientific advances that are helpful like flood defenses. However, I believe we can do that simultaneously with appreciating Hubble images. People with harmful agendas in places of power tend to get in the way because they have harmful theologies like Gaiaism and socialism which lead them to the wrong interpretations about science. That’s why they sometimes dismiss applying certain things for human benefit.


      1. Think of the huge financial cost of the space age; largely a waste of resources and brilliant scientific brains. We have two urgent problems climate ( the reason doesn’t matter) and antibiotic resistance. Lets get scientific expertese into these areas fast. Lets spend money and resources where they matter. People in power on the whole have one agenda , how to stay in a lucrative position.
        Chuck theologies out of the window lets get on with the job. I’m not in the blame game its too slow and costly and leads to hot air.


  2. The latest Creation Magazine has an article on a tiny fly that has decorations, according to an evolutionary source, “Each wing carries a precisely detailed image of an ant-like insect, complete with six legs, two antennae, a head, thorax and tapered abdomen.” The scientist that discovered it said “The image on the wing is absolutely perfect”. How did this piece of “art” get there, on the wings of living creature? The photos of it are pretty amazing. Unfortunately I don’t think Creation Magazine has photos but it can be seen at How one could possibly do so is hard to understand but this is still called evolution. I wonder if God had painted underneath, “Hi, I am God and I created this”, how evolutionists would deal with this.


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