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Pastor escapes unharmed from robbery attempt in Missouri

armed with a knifeThis story is just another one that shows how some people who show up at church have malicious intent even when they make innocent claims of wanting help. A young man showed up at an Oak Grove church outside of Independence, Missouri recently pretending that he was in dire need of the pastor’s help. He apparently took up 30 minutes of the pastor’s time with a sob story about his family problems and needing a ride to Independence.

Several women started to show up at the church for a gathering and the pastor got the feeling he had to do something to get the man out of the church and away from the women in a peaceful way, so he told 31-yr-old Robert Michael that he would give him a ride. On their way to Independence, they made one quick stop at Michael’s request and he was hesitant about wanting to get out so he told the pastor about a second place he apparently wished to go to instead. As he still hesitated to get out of the vehicle, the pastor really knew trouble was coming when Michael began to elaborate on his time in a Texas prison.

The young man then tried to grab the keys to the vehicle, but the pastor thwarted his attempt. When he pulled out a knife and demanded the pastor’s money, the pastor quickly exited the vehicle with his keys and flagged down a passing motorist and called 911. Meanwhile, Michael quickly walked away and the police later found him and placed him under arrest. Since he sports some ugly tattoos on his face and head, he was easily spotted and he already had outstanding warrants for other incidents.

This pastor must have been prayed up for the situation to turn out as it did. And his selfless concern for the safety of the people at his church was honorable. It’s interesting that this fugitive from justice was only caught after he decided to target a child of the living God. I’m sure this pastor must be praising God for his divine protection. It’s impossible to always know what situation life, or in this case Satan, will throw at you, but faith and fellowship with God will often bring the wisdom and grace needed for how to handle ugly situations when they arise.

He delivereth me from mine enemies: yea, thou liftest me up above those that rise up against me: thou hast delivered me from the violent man. Psalm 18:48

Source: Man charged with attempt to rob pastor, The Examiner, December 2, 2015.


2 thoughts on “Pastor escapes unharmed from robbery attempt in Missouri

  1. Of course you believe that because this pastor he is the victim. I know both of these men in REAL life and that pastor is a married closet homosexual who preys on people who come to him wanting help. Do you really think if Robert Michael was going to try to rob this man he would have went into a church to have who knows how many people see him knowing he could be easily identified? I doubt it. Robert has a mental illness and went to that church because he didn’t know where he was even going to sleep that night and that pastor offered him a ride and took him somewhere he wasn’t familiar with and parked and proceeded to run his hand down his leg. I’m sure the pastor was scared but only after Robert threatened to go back to that church and tell them what he did.


    1. If the police said that Robert Michael kept changing his story and he already had outstanding warrants and he already served time in prison, I’m going to believe the pastor’s account and the police account over a convicted criminal. You provide no proof whatsoever of your statement, making it nothing but hearsay and, quite possibly, raising the likelihood you are a troll.


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