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Rising rate of self-harm in Greater Manchester, England reflects spiritual trend

2006px-Greater_ManchesterAnywhere in the world you look today can be an example of what happens when living in a world of fallen, sinful mankind. Greater Manchester, England and its surrounding towns is but one microcosm of what seems to be growing darkness. Although a majority 48.7% claim Christianity (according to 2011 figures), the Greater Manchester area is seeing a rise in some disturbing trends.

That region has recently been linked to some high profile cases of Islamic terrorism, including one terrorist tried in the US for plotting a bombing to take place there. Over the past few years, it has also seen growing anti-Jewish sentiments alongside anti-Christian sentiments, which usually go hand-in-hand. Furthermore, psychology professionals discovered earlier this year that 1 in 5 kids (a conservative number) from that area have porn addictions, negatively affecting their mental health.

As if those things aren’t disturbing enough, another disturbing trend is the marked increase of young people in Greater Manchester who are self-harming, or cutting themselves–even to the point of working themselves up to attempt or commit suicide–at double the national average of England. The experts admit they don’t know exactly why the self-harming is happening, but are guessing that the government’s cuts of mental health professionals is one of many factors and possibly the recent recessionary economy.

I believe the answer is much less complicated than that. The self-harming is essentially the byproduct of the ever-present rejection of the Creator that we as humans are prone to take part in. That’s the root of the problem. The young people have indulged in what the world tells them they should pursue and are left feeling empty after they pursue it. Yes, I definitely think they should consult a doctor to find out if they have any medical problems contributing to it, but not even medicine and the sometimes harmful psychotropic drugs thrust upon society by Big Pharma will cure the spiritual emptiness that accompanies a life without the Lord Jesus.

After subscribing to the principles of England’s socialist-leaning government and liberal-leaning society, the young people are discovering that they have been weighed in the scales and are found wanting. It’s interesting to note that even in the Old Testament, God revealed the principles and doctrines that make for a well-adjusted and prosperous nation when he laid out the blessings of obeying him and the curses of rejecting him to the nation of Israel (Deut. 28-30). One of the curses for disobedience was lack of good mental health (Deut. 28:65-66). The idea of renewing sound minds, souls, and bodies was openly demonstrated when Jesus arrived (Matthew 4:24, Luke 4:18, 3 John 1:2). Only a relationship with Jesus Christ with the fellowship of his Holy Spirit will grant them the deepest mental healing they need (2 Timothy 1:7).

Harry A. Gaylord


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