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TX female 7th grader testifies teacher threatened to fail students who didn’t deny God

Texas middle schooler Jordan Wooley told her school board about a problem she and other students in the 7th grade had with a teacher recently. The teacher gave them a question-answer assignment that did not relate to the class. Students were told to give their feedback on if God’s existence was fact, opinion, or myth.

Each time a student answered that God was fact or opinion, the teacher told them they were wrong and that they would get in trouble for expressing their beliefs. When Jordan’s turn came to answer, she quoted the Bible and gave examples of real people who died or had near-death experiences, went to heaven and came back. Jordan also explained how it upset her classmates.

The kids were then told to right down their final answers on paper and turn them in. One of Jordan’s classmates asked the teacher about writing down their belief in God for the answer. The teacher answered that they could write down their beliefs, but if their answer was anything besides God being a myth, they would fail the assignment.

After class, Jordan and several of her classmates contacted their parents about what happened in class and the parents complained to the principal. The principal told them she would look into the situation. Jordan was the only one to testify before the Katy Independent School District Board who told her they would leave it up to school administrators to handle for now to let the proper process play out.

What young Jordan faced used to only happen at the university level, but with the socialist agenda occurring in teacher associations such as the NEA and in colleges who educate our future teachers and school administrators, more of this nonsense will take place in public schools across the country. They will especially target states in the “Bible belt” or wherever there are Christian conservative strongholds.

Thank God for people like Jordan’s parents who put her in an environment to learn God’s word so that she was prepared to handle it as well as she did.

Source: 7th Grade Student Stands Up To Teacher Who Told Her God Is A Myth (Video), Opposing Views website, October 27, 2015.


2 thoughts on “TX female 7th grader testifies teacher threatened to fail students who didn’t deny God

  1. [Am assuming things were said as is claimed.]
    Whatever a person believes about God’s existence, that person should not expect other people to change *their* language, as it reflects *their* own beliefs, to correspond with the first person’s opinion. Particularly, an academic educator should not be trying to compel his or her students to do so. Considering that it is commonly understood that a myth is something the proverbial Everyone once believed, but [essentially] no one believes anymore, such as Zeus, Hercules, or the Little People, an attempt to get students to call God a myth can reasonably be seen as an attempt to get them to deny His existence.

    Also – “Fact, Opinion, Myth”, since when is Myth a type of statement?

    Example: The grass is green. The weather is nice. The sky is purple. 1)Fact 2)Opinion 3)Fact.
    Student: “but..”
    Teacher: “Doesn’t matter. It’s a *statement of* fact; write ‘Fact’.”

    Whether or not a statement of fact is true? Well, that can be a question of opinion.


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