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God bless you, Kim D. They’ll soon be coming for me

When Hitler and his Gestapo took over Germany, they began with targeting specific groups such as the physically and mentally disabled. Soon they progressed to the Jews, evangelicals, and non-compliant Catholics. Each group told themselves along the way, “They’re just after that group over there, not me. So I’m safe,” as they stood by quietly not wanting to rock the boat. Until Hitler’s SS eventually came for them.

Now America is following in the footsteps of the Nazis. Think not? Just look at all the hateful, violent-fomenting comments against Kim Davis, the now-jailed Kentucky clerk who refused to give out same sex “marriage” licenses. “She must follow the law!”, they proclaim. That’s exactly what Hitler’s SS and Germans cried out as each targeted group was rounded up and imprisoned or killed. Then Hitler went as far as targeting ordinary Germans not in any of those groups.

I don’t agree with her Apostolic denomination, but Kim D., even if collecting a government paycheck, has the right to resist unjust laws.

God gave the right of conscience to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego,
who were on the government payroll.
He also gave it to Daniel,
who was on the government payroll.

Each of them did not bow their knees
to unjust, ungodly government decrees.
So God bless you, Kim D.,
’cause it won’t be long before they’ll be targeting me.

Will the government push for my dismissal from my job?
Will my employer’s customers demand my dismissal under threat of boycott?
I know not.

Whether they approach my family and friends
demanding they pressure me to give in
and accept sin
or target my social media accounts
to make it seem my followers are small amounts,

in the end

I must obey God rather than men.


4 thoughts on “God bless you, Kim D. They’ll soon be coming for me

  1. Are there illegal immigrants in the U.S.????? And where are they now………..We know where Kim Davis is, don’t we…..of course (with tongue in cheek) we have to do things right don’t we………There are two sets of rules here…….Is anyone concerned with doing right……..Maybe they don’t know how!!!!!!!!


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