Secular rapper Young Jeezy continues blasphemy with latest single, “God”

Microphone and headphones by Ilmicrofono Oggiono via Creative CommonsTo follow up on his blasphemous hip hop hit from last year, “Holy Ghost”, (which prompted a lawsuit from T. D. Jakes) secular rapper Young Jeezy has released a new single entitled “God” to blaspheme our Creator even more. I guess this guy doesn’t want to be outdone by Kanye West in the blasphemy category. He has given me yet another reason to hate the secular music industry. God, help his lost soul.

After the drum beat intro and what sounds like backmasking in the background, Jeezy’s first lyric/chorus is “I’m a god in the hood, n***a.” The n-word appears in just about every other line with the four-letter s-word blurted out in the background. Jeezy several lines later then blasphemously boasts:

Pure like the blood of Virgin Mary / Turn water to some wine, n***a / Plug did a touchdown, met him at the Steak & Shake of Mt. Zion, n***a

According to Rolling Stone, the artist (if you can call him that) did a post on Instagram to promote the single as he ranted about police violence, racism, and lack of job opportunities. That in itself is somewhat hypocritical of Jeezy since his lyrics in the past have exalted the thug life, selling drugs in the ‘hood, and the use of the n-word, all of which are things that do more harm to the Black community than the police do, especially since all of those factors together mixed with the lack of households that have both parents married and present contribute to Blacks hating each other enough to commit black-on-black violence at a much higher rate than the police violence. Jeezy is justified to condemn wrongful police violence, but since black-on-black violence is worse, he should condemn that also. And that’s “real talk.”

To conclude his rant, Young Jeezy said, “When an individual would do anything for his or her community and the people in it, that is a Godly act. Not in the biblical sense, but in the sense of the word.

“We are all Gods in our own right. We have the ability to and the power to change the things around us. We all have the ability affect lives; to raise our sons and daughters to become Kings and Queens; Leaders and Prophets.”

But even if he were talking about “righteous” acts, without a relationship with the one true God, “…we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away,” Isaiah 64:6. Only God, after we repent and confess Jesus is Lord, can make us real kings, queens, leaders and prophets.

Since he cannot surpass all the things Jesus Christ himself did, Young Jeezy is simply blowing smoke that came from hellfire about his “godhood”. And he is in an industry that is intentionally designed to promote hellish doctrines to bring the culture down, as is pointed out by former drug dealer “Freeway” Rick Ross in this YouTube video.

Source:Jon Blistein, Jeezy Ascends on Harrowing Single ‘God,’ Announces New Album,, September 1, 2015.

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