County Council in England upsets Freemasons by proposing they reveal themselves

Cambridgeshire County Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of Cambridgeshire County Council, used under Creative Commons license with no endorsements.

Steve Count, the conservative leader of the Cambridgeshire County Council in England, recently made a motion to add to their code of conduct that all Freemasons who wish to serve in some capacity on the Council must reveal they are members of that prominent secret society. The motion has raised no small stir with the local Freemason lodge raising the objection that such a move violates their human rights.

A Grand Lodge leader there believes that the motion, if passed, would be in violation of two articles of the European Commission on Human Rights–namely, freedom of lawful association (Article 11) and the right of non-discrimination (Article 14). Freemason Peter Sutton went on to point out that Freemasons were no different than members of golf clubs or Rotary Clubs and asked, “Do the county councillors intend to proceed in the same way against these other groups?”

Highlighting the fact that they make many charitable contributions of time and money to non-masonic charities in the community, they are incredulous of their being singled out and see it as a divisive waste of time.

Council leader Count has said that he would not have raised the issue if he had not gotten considerable interest from the public in Cambridgeshire County, which includes the city of Cambridge and its world-renowned prestigious university. His opinion is that the Freemasons are a society like no other in that they take great measures to keep their membership secret and that seems to be a concern for citizens.

Count, who admits he is surprised at the controversy since many Freemasons he knows are open about it, believes the motion will eventually pass after it goes through their constitution and ethics committee.

So why would the citizenry in this English county be so concerned? In my opinion, they are most likely very educated and informed about the true nature of this secret society that lies behind their public face. Considering how Freemasons in power have been known to be more loyal to their secret oaths and carrying out hidden agendas for the New World Order (e.g. Tony Blair, et al.) as they push aside the concerns of citizens, maybe these people want to consider if a Freemason will really represent them if elected.

Human rights row beween Freemasons and Conservative leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridge News, August 25, 2015.

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    1. You can call their hidden agendas whichever phrase suits your fancy, but Freemasons have a reputation of not reflecting the wishes of people who elect them. A few months ago in England people in one town even got upset when a Mason was appointed to an office without their approval despite the fact he held infamous sex parties in his home.


  1. County Council in England – I salute you. Thanks for standing up for what you believe in…..It is not prevalent now in any country. Stick to it…………..Blessings.


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