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Man interrupts John MacArthur’s sermon to oppose MacArthur’s cessationist views

For the second time in two months, a popular megachurch preacher has his church service interrupted. The latest incident happened when John MacArthur of “Grace to You” fame was interrupted by a man who said he was a prophet from God. The man claimed that God sent him to MacArthur’s church to let him and his church know that MacArthur was wrong to teach that the supernatural, miracle gifts had ceased, a doctrine commonly called cessationism.

“You’ve grieved the Holy Spirit of God. Your doctrine of cessation is in error!” yelled the man in a Scottish-sounding accent at MacArthur after he climbed to the stage and whistled to get everyone’s attention. As security escorted the man out he shouted, “You do not believe in prophets–you’re looking at one!” and he continued yelling until he was ushered out of the sanctuary.

Is this really how a prophet of God should behave? When I watched the video, 1 Corinthians 14:31-33 came to my mind–“For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted. And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets. For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” Maybe I’m mistaken, but I can’t recall anywhere in scripture where a prophet interrupted a worship service or a speech to send a message. The closest incident I can think of is when Jesus cleared the money changers out of the temple, but he interrupted their commercial transactions. When he opposed their doctrines, he did so in the synagogues or in the temple when it was his turn to speak. He did the same in the streets or in various people’s homes when the forum was open for teaching, dialogue, and discussion.

Another incident that comes to mind is when Samuel confronted king Saul in 1 Samuel 13 as Saul presumptuously made a sacrifice on an altar after Samuel gave him strict commandment from God that Saul should wait for Samuel to make the appointed sacrifice. Incidents like this at Grace Community Church rub me the wrong way, but that could just be my personal preference. Am I missing something?

Source: Nicola Menzie, ‘Prophet’ Confronts Pastor John MacArthur With Message ‘From God’ That He Is ‘in Error’ Before Congregation,, August 21, 2015.


17 thoughts on “Man interrupts John MacArthur’s sermon to oppose MacArthur’s cessationist views

  1. Prophets do what God says. PEOPLE ARE ASLEEP AND GOING TO HELL. The ‘Watchmen’ will suffer if they do not tell what they know. “I will do nothing without revealing my secret to my servants the prophets.” If they have to disrupt FAKE CHRISTIANS then that is what they will do. Selah.


    1. I don’t want to say anything against the Scottish man. Content-wise, is there anything wrong with what he said? It seems quite likely to be true.

      Was he out of order? Why don’t you look at the verses in I Corinthians 14 above what you quoted. The Bible never says that a pastor is supposed to preach a sermon in church. We get one long passages on what not to do for the Lord’s Supper, and one long passage about these other activities to do in church, here in I Corinthians 14. And what it is about ‘When you come together, EVERY ONE OF YOU hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying.” That’s in verse 26.

      So the assumption is that regular believers are going to use their gifts to edify each other in church. There are specific instructions for how to speak in tongues and interpret.

      The passage also says to let the prophets speak two or three and to let the other judge. And if a revelation comes to one sitting by, let the first hold his peace.

      MacArthur has a transcript on his website of a sermon where he says, “That’s what I do every Sunday from the pulpit; I prophesy.” It’s clear from the context that he doesn’t understand what prophesying is. But if he thinks he’s prophesying, then shouldn’t he ‘hold his peace’ if this man got a revelation to share?

      MacArthur quoted, ‘The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.’ But that’s after these instructions on prophecy, including a commandment for the prophet to hold his peace if another sitting by receives a revelation.

      “Let everything be done decently and in order” is about the Lord’s order, about what Paul calls ‘commandments of the Lord.” Letting everyone of you sing, teach, share revelations, etc. in a way that is ‘unto edfying’ is part of the order. Following the specifics that follow is a part of the order, including tongues being interpreted. Letting the prophets speak two or three is part of that decent order that we are to follow.

      How is having the ushers drag the one sitting by who receives a revelation out following Biblical order?

      Btw, if it is true that doing things differently from what the Lord has commanded is analogous to ‘strange fire’… and I’m not saying it is a fair analogy… might not shutting up prophets instead of following ‘let the prophets speak two or three’ and insisting on one man preaching one long sermon every time be analogous to having ‘strange fire.’

      I hear people argue for the regulative principle, but scripture actually commands that we allow prophets to speak and gives commands about allowing regulatory gifts in an orderly way. Why do people who argue for the regulative principle so often ignore the specifics of what is commanded for church meetings?


  2. Would like to raise a point of this sentence: When he opposed their doctrines, he did so in the synagogues or in the temple when it was his turn to speak. The trouble is in churches people are not allowed to speak it is totally controlled from the front, the spiritual gifts are not operating in most churches. I agree with what this man did, its time to rebuke any false teaching and from what I heard and the way he said it, it was done in a loving but rebuking tone.


    1. I agree 1,000 per cent. These are the last days and we have to separate the true Word of God from people who do not believe the whole Word of God and who have been learning the wrong principles. They can be very dangerous – I commend that Prophet standing up for what he believes in and to say what the Lord said to say.


  3. The article quotes 1 cor. 14 31-33 which is a,new testament endorsement of prophets duty and responsibility to be speak and be recognized in church. The irony here is that John Mac rejects prophets in church and their giftings in his belief in cessation. Thus the writer of the article has used a verse that endorses prophets to denounce the prophet. The word given by this prophet was peaceful, clear and the language was clean. He was given permission by John Mac to enter the sanctuary and access to the stage. The prophet left on his own two feet escorted without fighting or using force to remain. Since the callings of prophets are not ever requested to speak at John Macs podium, it makes perfect sense that a true prophet would show some fortitude and break John Macs man inspired political correctness and speak publicly to the congregation. The words ring true and any discomfort in this word reveals our sad weakness and lack of having the balls (courage) to confront controllers and bullies. This probe who is subject to other prophets declares that John Mac is a controller who has immensely grieved my God an my Lord. For this John Mac is accountable and so are his controlled and subjugated subjects. I commend this prophet for doing his job.


  4. I got tapes from John McArthur 30 years ago, listened to them and promptly got rid of them. Pure junk. I’m glad that man spoke up – when are we going to listen – open up your mind and hearts fellow Christians – you need revelation light on the Gospel………


  5. Paul rebuked Peter before all, so apparently some believers were assembled together. Barnabas and Saul came into sharp dispute with those who taught that the Gentiles had to be circumcised. I suspect they did so in the church meeting. Scripture indicates that church meetings had an ‘open floor’ for multiple people to speak. Synagogues may also have functioned similarly at that time.


  6. A person’s theological understanding will inform how someone understands this. 1. If you hold to ceasessionism, this guy is just crazy, send him away and forget about it. 2. If you believe the Holy Spirit still works today, then perhaps God is sending a wake up call to members of this church, in what has to be accepted as, probably the most efficient way to get the message across to the whole congregation. If you do hold to 2, then grief of the Holy Spirit (God himself), driven out of love for his people, is accurately portrayed in this guys emotion.


  7. Years ago when we attended an apostate congregation, not knowing it was apostate because we were babes in Christ, an elderly couple visited the meeting and quickly cried for the blood of Jesus to cover it. Wow, that was unnerving.

    However, my husband and I started to notice things that were contrary to Christ such as “Bible Study” focused on “Christian books” not the Bible and that bothered both of us because God had done a work in our hearts about the centrality of His Word. Sometime later I prayed that God would give me an opportunity to address the congregants during our Sunday morning service. “Pastor” invited anyone up who wanted to share, I promptly went up and spoke about God’s Word and living simple lives of faith and love rather than chasing after signs and wonders. Praise God most of those who heard that message left, and we left shortly after. Those who remained later got caught up in casting demons from one another and caused great harm to many who attended. Praise God many of them left.

    This man opposed the evil of false teaching that resides at Grace Community Church. The Holy Spirit does actively work in our lives still and not through the expository preaching of those who deny His sovereign gifting and working in our lives, while they on the other hand promote and respect heretics.

    We have only to go to the book of Acts to see the practice of prophesy. Agabus prophesied twice in the book of Acts, first about a famine, second about the persecution that awaited Paul. God gave us concrete examples of Him warning His people through prophesy.

    Our problem today is there are too many false prophets and way too many who prophesy by the flesh and not by the Holy Spirit. Praise God though because they always give themselves away because what they say does not agree with the Scriptures. The gifts have not ceased. God distributes them according to His will. We must, however seek the One Who gifts us and not the gifts, that is where the error lies. This man gave a wake up call to the congregants at Grace Community Church. May God bless us to pray that they will heed and be moved as others are when God’s prophets speak.


  8. I know what the guy should have done. He should have got a ton of charismatics together and done a conference called “Strange Ice” and made the point how dead spiritless Christianity is the greatest threat to the church. And then encourage the charismatics to vehemently stand against any Christians that dont believe in the gifts. Thats what Macarthur did but the other way around. Kind of puts this guys rebuke in perspective. Make Macarthur should have conducted his strange fire thing differently.


    1. Do you happen to know who this Scottish Man is who spoke to MacArthur? Like his name, church etc. Anything? I’d love to give him a reward


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