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T. D. Jakes: Homosexuals should find gay-friendly churches to affirm their lifestyle

Given that TV preacher T.D. Jakes denies the Trinity, claiming the Apostolic denomination false doctrine of “Jesus only”, it should be no surprise that he is now speaking in favor of accepting that gay is ok. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Jakes claimed that even Paul the apostle was not 100% convinced one way or the other about homosexuality. Jakes said, “Paul spends a lot of time wrestling back and forth, trying to understand should a woman wear a head covering, should you cut your hair. I mean, they grappled back then and we’re grappling now because we’re humans and we are flawed and we’re not God.”

He went on to say gays should have equality under the law, claiming “Once you begin to understand that democracy, that a republic actually, is designed to be an overarching system to protect our unique nuances, then we no longer look to public policy to reflect biblical ethics… atheists, agnostics, Jews, all types of people, Muslims, pay into the government. The government then cannot reflect one particular view over another just because we’re the dominant group… We need a neutralized government that protects our right to disagree with one another and agree with one another.” Gays do have equality under the law, but their version of “equality” refers to their desire for specialized rights to promote their perversions openly and without restrictions.

After he stated that gays should find churches to affirm them in how they live their lives, Jakes went on to say, “The church should have the right to have its own convictions and values; if you don’t like those convictions and values–you totally disagree with it–don’t try to change my house, move into your own … and find somebody who gets what you get about faith.”

This popular pastor not only shows his lack of knowledge on history but on the Bible as well. When you get public policy that doesn’t reflect biblical ethics, all hell breaks loose. That has happened even in America’s history. When America strayed from the Bible, we got slavery, then a Civil War, women’s rights were violated, all types of discrimination against minorities, and eventually abortion and other ungodly stuff. It was only when we corrected such wrongs to get closer to what the Bible says that people’s human rights were upheld. Christians in power have allowed atheists, Muslims, and homosexuals to freely express their views, but that isn’t reciprocated for Christians when such groups gain power. And when they gain power, history proves they use it to oppress others and even kill them (e.g. Greek Empire, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Soviet Union, Communist China, Saudi Arabia, etc.).

Despite what Jakes believes, Paul, the prophets, and God (even in the person of Jesus) never condoned, but condemned any sex outside of man/woman marriage, including homosexuality. Yes, that truth is offensive to many, but it’s still God’s unchangeable truth nonetheless. Are these statements due to his gay stepson who was caught soliciting sex from other men by exposing himself in a public park several years ago? Whatever made his opinion change does not give this pastor (no matter how popular he is) the right to change what God has said about sodomy.

Source: Heather Clark, T.D. Jakes Comes Out for ‘Gay Marriage’ and ‘LGBT Churches,’ Says Position is ‘Evolving’, Christian News Network, August 7, 2015.


3 thoughts on “T. D. Jakes: Homosexuals should find gay-friendly churches to affirm their lifestyle

  1. I would have to hear exactly what T.D. Jakes said about what was said about homosexuals. It is hard to believe that this man would say what they said he said. So if his views were taken out of context, what exactly DID he mean??? Is there a place that we can go to to listen to him?


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