6 hecklers escorted from Joel Osteen’s church during sermon

Lakewood_churchAttendees at Lakewood Church in Houston were caught off guard Sunday in the midst of Joel Osteen’s sermon. A heckler decided to shout Osteen down while he was preaching. Then five others soon joined in, calling Osteen a liar and yelling “Shame on you, Joel!”

With so many churchgoers so tense over the church shootings in South Carolina, some of the congregants made a quick exit when it happened. Several of Osteen’s ushers are law enforcement officers who are armed during the services, so they swooped in and escorted the six hecklers out and Osteen continued his sermon.

The six hecklers were arrested and have been charged with criminal trespassing and are members from a nearby church called the Church of Wells.

I’m not a fan of Osteen’s in any way, but heckling someone during a worship service–even if it’s one full of false doctrines–isn’t the way to handle objections to what a person teaches. There are way better methods of protest than disrupting what is essentially a private meeting, such as picketing on a public sidewalk outside the church. In my opinion, this seems like a blatant violation of the Golden Rule. Jesus himself faced stiff and murderous opposition from his enemies, but they always allowed him to speak before they voiced their opposition to him and vice versa. That’s how meaningful, healthy debate gets accomplished which encourages listeners to weigh both sides.

Harry A. Gaylord

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    1. Over the past decade or so, incidents of armed people attacking church members on church property have increased, so I think it’s a good idea for Christians to arm themselves at church to be ready to protect friends and loved ones. Jesus himself even mentioned there would be times that his followers should arm themselves (Luke 22:36). There are times when God expects us to do some things for ourselves instead of sitting by and waiting for him to do everything for us, including self-protection. And he gives us the wisdom to know when that is.


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