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Gallup: More Americans want animals to have equal rights with humans

A recent Gallup poll reveals what happens when people buy into the lies promoting evolutionary theory. They move toward thinking animals are equal to humans. Almost 1/3 of Americans now think that Fido, Whiskers, and other animals should have the same rights that humans enjoy. That’s up from 25% who thought the same way in 2008.

The poll was taken May 6-10, 2015. Gallup attributes the uptick to efforts by groups such as PETA and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Although all people groups show an increase of the desire for equal rights for animals, more women and Democrat-leaning voters reflect this thinking than men and those who lean Republican.

Throughout the Bible we see that God placed humans above animals as their superiors. Man was created in God’s image, not animals. Humans were allowed by God to kill them for sacrifices and food while using humans for sacrifices and food was prohibited. God did allow domesticated animals certain rights if they were harmed (e.g. Exodus 21:33-36), but the punishments for harming them were not as severe as the punishments for animals or humans who harmed or killed humans, thus reflecting how superior humans are.

Those who wish to place animals on the same level as humans have several ulterior motives in the works. For starters, they wish to control our diets by ultimately outlawing the consumption of animals for food (a prediction of 1 Timothy 4:3)–a tool for globalists to use to reduce the human population for their new world order by reducing a major food source for us. Equal rights for animals will also eventually lead to promoting bestiality as a valid desire–something God hates (Exodus 22:19; Leviticus 18:23; 20:15-16). Spiritually speaking, equal rights for animals is also a reflection of Eastern mystic teachings on reincarnation, pantheism (everthing is god), and panentheism (god is in everything)–all of them being devilish paganism.

The embracing of these false ideas is just one of many signs demonstrating just how far America is moving away from the loving God who outlawed such things for our protection and advancement.

Source: Rebecca Rifkin, In U.S., More Say Animals Should Have Same Rights as People,, May 18, 2015.

Harry A. Gaylord


3 thoughts on “Gallup: More Americans want animals to have equal rights with humans

  1. I wonder, Harry, if these animal rights include the rights to animal abortion and assisted suicide, and if they do, how do they tell us? Perhaps, Peter Singer and his ilk will be elected as the gods of animal progress? Not by a show of paws or hoofs I am sure.


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