Netherlands judge orders 80-yr-old woman to be euthanized, despite objections of medical staff

Elderly-woman-by-McBeth-Creative-CommonsAn 80-yr-old woman with dementia was recently killed in the Netherlands, thanks to a judge’s order. Medical staff at a care facility for dementia patients refused to agree to the idea of euthanizing her, but her family disagreed, filed a lawsuit, and won. When the medical staff appealed, the appeal was denied. Shortly thereafter, she was put to death.

Her relatives argued that she expressed that she wanted to die, but her caregivers disagreed that she was capable of expressing that decision. The authorities, upon the ruling, took her out of the care facility and took her to a facility started by euthanasia activists.

Since euthanasia was legalized in the Netherlands in 2002, what the critics warned would happen has happened. Euthanasia is growing in popularity and the nation is moving toward euthanasia as a default setting for the slightest inconveniences (like growing old or being lonely) and troubles that come with living in a sinful world (such as the bereavement over losing a loved one).

The law was supposed to meet “certain criteria such as ensuring that a patient’s request is voluntary and being satisfied that they are suffering unbearably” and requiring that to be proven with a living will or advance directive in place. But this case shows that if relatives want to be rid of you, they can make up an excuse to fit the criteria and it will be time to say goodbye to this life.

An academic from the Netherlands who formerly backed the idea of euthanasia witnessed the horrors of it after he studied 4,000 euthanasia cases. He subsequently testified before the British Parliament urging them against legalizing the practice because he saw that “[s]ome of these patients could have lived for years or decades” if their health care was continued.

But all over the globe we see what happens when societies reject the Messiah who gave up everything, including his life, so we can have life more abundantly. Those societies tend to move toward dismissing the value of human life and make excuses for taking innocent lives–whether they call themselves atheist, jihadist, communist, democratic, or socialist. Why? Because they have the same spiritual father–the thief who cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.

Thou shalt rise up before the hoary [gray, white] head, and honour the face of the old man, and fear thy God: I am the Lord. Leviticus 19:32

Source: Dutch judge rules dementia patient must be euthanised, The Christian Institute, May 11, 2015.

Harry A. Gaylord

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  1. Dementia is not remotely one of those “slightest inconveniences” like getting old or lonely. It robs you of every ounce of dignity, eventually rendering you mute, unable to make voluntary movements and completely dependent on expensive care. Families of dementia patients suffer terribly watching the disease process rob the loved one of their entire personality and mental capacity. If the patient expressed the desire to die, and her family agreed, it’s an ethical, moral action to assist in making her death painless and comfortable. You haven’t offered a shred of evidence the action was taken by relatives “wanting to get rid of” her.

    I worked as a caregiver in a specialized dementia care facility.


    1. I never said dementia was the slightest inconvenience. In the context, I was pointing out how, once legalized, euthanasia would be promoted for the slightest inconvenience or troubles. And that’s what’s happening as the gentleman quoted in the linked article pointed out since he used to promote it himself.

      Why is it that those of you who embrace & promote euthanasia always bring up expenses as if we should kill people because they cost too much? Are you saying their complete dependence on expensive care isn’t worth it? That money is more important than a human life? I thank God Jesus didn’t think that way because he never would have given up his heavenly riches to save my wretched, sinful soul. So you unknowingly admit that the love of money is part of the push to euthanize, which reminds me of what the Bible says about the love of money.

      Your argument that one should be ended if they express the desire to die reveals a mentality tainted by the secular ungodly way of thinking and it goes against examples we have in the Bible. Case in point–when King Saul was in his final battle with the Philistines, he suffered with a life threatening injury and was so incapacitated he wanted to kill himself, but failed to do so. When a young man told David that he put Saul to death after a mortally wounded Saul asked him to, David put the young man to death for murder. If we follow your argument, you’re saying that David, in a righteous moment, was wrong.

      Here’s how Jesus handled sickness–“Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.” Luke 4:40. Jesus was about preserving the lives of those with any and all kinds of sickness. Euthanasia does the opposite. Make all the arguments you wish, but if it doesn’t agree with God’s word (even if it makes “sense” to the human mind) it’s worthless.


      1. Jesus had medical options we don’t. There is no cure for dementia, only palliative treatment options. Praying for miracles isn’t a care plan. And yes, human dignity matters more than bankrupting families in cases when the patient no longer wishes to continue suffering from incurable diseases. It’s not “love of money”. Families are broken apart permanently by medical debt. Your answer evidences a lack of compassion.


      2. Giving someone the death penalty for having dementia is what I call lacking compassion. Jesus passed much of his power to the church and I recently shared a post about 1500+ studies showing that prayer for the sick works for healing and/or alleviating symptoms as well as comforting the sick. If believers follow God’s word like the 1st century church did instead of relying on government and big pharma and big insurers all the time, more people would be helped.

        Families are broken apart when material things are allowed to get in the way of compassion and the sanctity of human life from family members as well as from the greedy interests of big corporations or big government.


    2. Completely agree with you. Euthanasia was only recently legalized in Canada and it breaks my heart that it wasn’t sooner. Why? Because I watched my Oma slowly deteriorate over 15 years from dementia. I loved and still love that woman so much it hurts, but she had absolutely no dignity at the end of her life. She was left in a bed being turned and fed liquids because she couldn’t do either herself, sh***ing herself, and muttering about the horrors she experienced in the world wars to herself in German because her mind had regressed to remember only the experiences most prominent, of her family being ripped apart from her in war as a child. I could only imagine that must have been hell. There was no plug to pull, or I would have done it. I wish euthanasia was available to her, I would have signed for it myself BECAUSE I love her, not due to any other reason. Thank goodness euthanasia is now an option today.
      Both my parents have put in their wills that if they are ill like that and can no longer communicate, or if they are in an accident that would destroy their quality of life, they would like to be euthanized. I will respect their decision and make sure that happens. I want the same. My love has said he wants to live no matter what, that just existing is important to him. I will respect his decision. It isn’t about forcing people, but if they no longer have a voice to say for or against, if they cannot clearly, for the law, say ‘No, I want to live’, or ‘Yes, I want to die’, for those people in accidents, or the very sick, very old, very young, their families must make what they feel is the best decision.


      1. So sorry that your grandmother suffered and that you had to see it. However, our feelings are not what determine the sanctity of life. A person’s sufferings are not what determine whether or not they should be put to death. If an innocent person’s quality of life does not meet what we think of as “dignity” that does not give them or us the right to say, “Your life isn’t worth living, so it might as well be ended.” Human life itself is more important than one’s state of dignity, unless one is a criminal who committed a crime worthy of the death penalty.

        From the abundance of your heart your mouth has spoken. The fact you feel it necessary to curse reveals your thinking is not in line with God’s principles. When Job lost all his dignity, his children, his belongings, his quality of life, his wife told him to give up on life–to curse God and die. But Job, although very sick and surrounded by friends who were miserable comforters and wishing for his own death, grasped a will to live and be validated by God that proved to be greater. Job persevered through the loss of his health and dignity and received greater blessings in the end.

        David faced something similar when he lost all dignity, possessions, and many friends when Saul made him public enemy number 1. He suffered not knowing when he would eat again or live through the next day and even wished for death to take him (Psalm 88, esp. v. 15), constantly crying out to God for relief. This lasted several years. But he persevered until he got to Psalm 118 and stated, “I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.” And God delivered him.

        You need to investigate euthanasia further. It is being promoted by globalists because they believe the lives of those who are beneath their version of dignity aren’t really fit to live (the poor, the powerless, the sick, those with birth defects, the non-blue bloods, etc.). They wish to decrease the world’s population as much as possible to make it easier for them to lord it over the rest of us. And euthanasia has been part of their eugenics aspirations for decades, if not centuries. And you’re buying into it.


      2. I do not believe in a deity, and I do not believe that life is inherently sacred. It ends, now, a year from now, 50. We are all special, but that specialness is assigned by the worth we place on our own lives, our joys and dreams, our connections with others, our ability to do what we enjoy. I am fully within my rights, when I feel I do not have a quality of life, to die with what happiness I can muster. My life is my own and no-one else’s.
        What ‘globalists’ want is not my problem. My concern is my own. And the population is already skyrocketing. I doubt mass euthanasias are a thing that would happen, but one can’t save everyone, and we have too much more of a population explosion and more masses of people will starve. We are not sustainable as a species. And prolonging life until the bitter end is not helping. You may say I’m under ‘globalist’ propaganda, but to me it sounds like you are under Christian propaganda.


      3. Thanks for being frank. I always find it amusing how people such as yourself complain that the world is too crowded, but you wish for everyone else to hurry up and die except yourself. Utter hypocrisy.

        [What ‘globalists’ want is not my problem.]

        More hypocrisy. Were you affected at all by the worldwide recession that happened a few years back? Did you embrace it with open arms? I imagine that you did at some point complain about what globalist bankers were doing and that your salary was negatively affected like so many of the rest of us. So your statement is most likely disingenuous.

        Not only that, but the fact that you make the same arguments globalists make to push their agenda shows you are easily brainwashed into believing what the globalist-controlled mainstream media tells you. And that’s a huge problem for you even if you don’t recognize it or believe it because one day, even if you don’t believe in him, you will appear before the judgment seat of Christ to answer for your false beliefs. Those beliefs keep you away from a loving God who is the only one with the power to save you from your impending doom. Your false doctrines will bring you greater problems than you ever imagined in the future if you don’t repent.

        Your words have proven God’s word true– “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” And “Those that hate me [God’s wisdom] love death.”


      4. On the contrary, I have no qualms about dying. Were I to become ill I am very happy that euthanasia is accessible in my country.
        Again, I have no idea what ‘globalist’ means. And besides the point, I was in University at the time of the recession, so for me it went by largely unnoticed other than news articles, since it did not personally affect me.
        You may think me brainwashed, but do realize I think the exact same of you.
        You do realize that the Christ story mirrors many other deities that came before, do you not? I have no interest in following a code of behaviour set forth by a nomadic tribe 2K years ago that believed we came from dirt, that the sea contained monsters and was impassable, and that a man who essentially became a zombie (back from the dead) brought salvation. I think society ought to have moved a bit past shellfish + mixed clothes= bad in the last couple thousand years.
        Was that God’s word, or the word of the patriarchs of an ousted desert tribe thousands of years ago, written to keep people in line? Hmm…


      5. [Again, I have no idea what ‘globalist’ means.]

        They’re the ones you’re following down the path to hell because you choose to believe what they’ve told you on the Internet, in University, or in the media. They’re the ones who made you believe nothing is wrong with euthanasia, that we must have global governance, that atheism is cool even though there’s really no such thing as atheism, and that we all came from primordial sludge (macroevolution). You’re a very good sheeple for their cause.

        [I was in University at the time of the recession, …it went by largely unnoticed…it did not personally affect me.]

        You really are deceived. Unless your family is the upper 1% manipulating the markets and running the Freemasons, Bilderbergs, or other globalist groups, you and your family were affected. Stop lying. The wages people are being paid today in the Western Hemisphere & elsewhere have been virtually stagnant since the recession. A lot more younger people have settled for being renters as opposed to buying homes like young people did in the decades before the recession. And the list goes on. Even universities cut back on class offerings during the recession. So you’re either a troll or just a gullible “atheist” or a deliberate deceiver.

        [You may think me brainwashed, but do realize I think the exact same of you.]

        Here’s the huge difference, though. I back up my statements with reliable sources and evidence. You just state how you “feel” as if that is equal to scientific, historical, or spiritual facts just because you’re atheist. Sorry, but that doesn’t cut it.

        [You do realize that the Christ story mirrors many other deities that came before, do you not?]

        Here you go again making statements not backed up by real facts–just what you, like a good sheeple, heard from other God-haters. You probably couldn’t tell me the source you got that fairy tale from, so let me help you. It came from the Zeitgeist movement which has now been debunked by even non-Christian scholars. I did a post on it awhile back with reliable sources mentioned in the featured YouTube videos–>

        [I have no interest in following a code of behaviour set forth by a nomadic tribe 2K years ago that believed we came from dirt]

        That’s somewhat hypocritical since atheists believe in the theory of evolution that says all life came from primordial sludge. You obviously haven’t read the Bible. It never said the sea was impassable, nor that “monsters” were in it–at least not in the real Bible aka the kjv. You should also look up the definition for zombie. Zombies are dead people who walk around in fiction stories. Jesus was dead but came back to life. Huge difference that someone with a truly scientific mind would know. People miraculously coming back to life from the dead really happens–>

        The Bible is also scientifically, historically, and spiritually accurate, but you can’t get past the atheist fairy tales you’ve been told because you love your sin–>


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