lucyEvolutionary scientists are being called into question again over just how they really conduct their research. While creationists have long expressed doubt over the so-called “Lucy” discovery–since it’s so fragmentary and the popular museum display relies on artists’ renderings of what they think Lucy may have looked like–evolutionary scientists swore up and down for years that “Lucy” was an ape-like ancestor to homo sapiens.

Now they are backtracking yet again on some of their findings. Last week, after close analysis by scientists at New York’s Museum of Natural History, scientists released their findings that Lucy had some oddities, including at least one bone which is clearly from a baboon. So, do you mean to tell me after many years of promoting Lucy in the media, in science textbooks, and in museums, they just now noticed the pieces didn’t fit and that something didn’t add up? I guess when you’re so intent on embracing the lie of evolution, the truth becomes inconvenient and gets pushed aside.

Yet despite evolution’s long history of blatant mistakes, falsehoods, and outright lies, you can best believe this Lucy information will be ignored by mainstream media and she’ll still continue to be promoted as a homo sapien ancestor. When the Bible’s true account of creation is rejected even with all its evidence to back it up, people will embrace lies no matter what. How sad. I pray that God will continue to open at least the eyes of some evolutionists as these things are brought to light.

Source: Garrett Haley, Evolutionary Embarrassment: Part of Famous ‘Ape-Man’ Skeleton Actually Came from Baboon,, April 23, 2015.