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Franklin Graham warns Muslim immigrants in the West may prompt new Holocaust

For some reason, WordPress has blocked my attempts to reblog this when I use the ‘reblog’ button, so I’m reblogging this post by Michael Allen from Creeping Sharia using the old fashioned copy and paste functions.  This was reposted by Creeping Sharia from the Opposing Views website. This Holocaust that Mr. Graham warns us about will not only be of Jews, in my opinion, but I believe will target evangelicals also.

via Rev. Franklin Graham Warns That Muslim Immigrants May Cause Another Holocaust.

By Michael Allen

Rev. Franklin Graham used Holocaust Remembrance Day to warn the public about Muslim immigrants.

Rev. Graham claimed yesterday on Facebook that another Holocaust could be repeated because of anti-Semitic Muslim immigrants in “Europe, the United States, and other Western countries.”

Rev. Graham wrote on Facebook:

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, set aside for the world to never forget the 6 million Jews who were slaughtered by the Nazis. Could the holocaust be repeated? I’m afraid so. Anti-Semitism is at the highest levels since the late 1930’s. This is coming from the influx of Muslim immigrants to Europe, the United States, and other Western countries over the past few decades, and they are bringing their hatred of Jews–and Christians–with them. This is a poison. Muslims have been on TV in Europe spouting “Hitler should have finished the job!” Have we learned anything from history?

Graham is one of the few who speak truth about Islam. Read it all.

Then (re)read: They Thought They Were Free


3 thoughts on “Franklin Graham warns Muslim immigrants in the West may prompt new Holocaust

  1. WordPress has been messing with blogs for a long time. I have to force articles of certain blogs. You know the ones. Blogs about the Constitution, freedom and anything negative about democrats, blacks or Muslims. I had it say I can’t commit on some blogs. Not blocked but unable to post my comment.


    1. Some apparent tampering with my blog only started occurring within the last few months where some comments were blocked from displaying. At first I wasn’t sure if it was the browser(s) I was using. Not sure if the company behind WordPress is starting to follow Facebook’s lead on manipulating things or if it’s just certain individuals within the company.


      1. I heard on the news or somewhere that WordPress has allowed the FBI a backdoor into our blogs. I don’t doubt it and Google plus is the government’s trolling place.


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