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Did Jesus Christ support Genesis as a young Earth account?

Both Peter and Paul warned us in the Bible against believing in man-made fables that only lead us into doubting God’s word. Unfortunately, a good number of believers today and a good number of churches have allowed fables to creep in unawares to the point where they do, in fact, doubt the truths we find in the Bible. It has gotten so bad that even some Christian apologists have bought into the fables promoted by evolutionists that the Earth is more than a billion years old and they attempt to twist Genesis and twist Christ’s words to back up those fables.

Two of those well-known apologists, John Ankerberg and Norm Geisler, use the following three arguments about Jesus’ take on creation in Mark 10:6 to promote the evolutionist old earth scenario:

  1. Adam was not created at the beginning but at the end of the creation period.
  2. The Greek word for create (ktisis) can mean “institution” or “ordinance” (as in 1 Peter 2:13).
  3. Even in Mark 10:6 is speaking of the original creation events, it does not mean there could not have been a long period of time involved in those creative events.

In this 30-minute YouTube video from Creation Ministries International, Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith refute these arguments to prove that Jesus taught about a young earth and to point out why that teaching is important to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “Did Jesus Christ support Genesis as a young Earth account?

    1. Clare,

      Your comment shows that you haven’t paid attention to what atheists think of young earthers. Go to YouTube and look at some of the debates and you’ll see that they absolutely loathe us. They know that there is scientific evidence to back up what the Bible says and it scares them to death. That’s why they churn up the hate and if you weren’t so worried about making people like you so you can be popular among God-haters, you would see the truth. “Ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” Atheists fear the Bible may be true, which in turn would mean they would have to be called into account for their pet sins. So they take to the Internet to hack and crowd-shame people who don’t share their views and they protest the life-sized Noah’s Ark being built in Northern Kentucky.

      “Christians” who deny a young Earth are simply saying Jesus was a liar and/or they think the Bible is subject to error, denying the power of God and unknowingly deny the Lord and Savior who bought them. Take your own advice and repent.


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