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Offenders are offended by Oklahoma church’s sign

Amazing Grace Pentecostal signA church in Seminole, Oklahoma, has caused quite a stir among the city’s residents. The large sign on one of its exterior walls along a well-traveled highway reads, “Government making sin legal does not make it right!”

A person who may have been upset over the sign and assumed they were talking about gays and gay marriage called up a local TV station about it. When the TV station covered the story, the opinions on what the sign meant varied from people being puzzled about it to a woman who agreed with its basic message to a man who thought they were talking about legalizing drugs to a young lady who said the Pentecostal church was being judgmental before she became judgmental herself toward the church by saying they should take it down.

Still another person got upset enough to place their own message on the church’s wall that said, “Jesus Loves All. You may not be welcome in this hateful church, but you are welcome in this community. You are important. You are loved.” Oddly enough, their duct-taped sign started to fall down on its own within a few hours.

The reporter tried to contact someone at Amazing Grace Pentecostal Church about their sign, but didn’t get a response. I think it’s refreshing to hear a story about a church like this that takes a stand for the Lord when much of the news is focused on the Presbyterian Church denomination and the San Francisco “evangelical” megachurch that compromised by saying sin is good and is acceptable to them.

It doesn’t really matter which sin Amazing Grace Pentecostal was talking about since their statement can be applied equally to any sin you can think of. Yes, Jesus loves all, but included in that love is the idea that he wants all to be saved from sin because of sin’s ultimate end–death. It’s a truthful, controversial message that will always offend those who are offenders against God’s laws no matter how the message is worded, but it’s still a message worth sharing nonetheless, regardless of the reaction to it. And I thank God he loved me enough to give me the same type of message this church displayed when I needed it.

Harry A. Gaylord


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