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Baby in Dayton, Ohio, survives car crash that throws her 25 ft. through window

Several days ago in the Dayton area, 7-month-old Madison was riding with her mom, Laseanda, and a 15-yr-old girl in her mom’s minivan when a car ran a red light at an intersection and plowed into them. The impact sent Madison flying through the window while still in her car seat and she landed 25 feet away.

First responders said when they found her, she was face down in the car seat with her eyes closed. They thought she was dead. But when they turned Madison over, she opened her eyes and smiled at them. The only thing she ended up getting from the crash was a small bruise on her forehead. When Madison’s mom, Laseanda, found out, her reaction was, “Really to be honest with you I wasn’t really surprised, because that’s the kind of God we serve. So I was shocked a little, but then I started just thinking over my blessings…” Laseanda’s aunt thinks that having Madison in the car seat was a huge help.

Laseanda walked away with minor bruising and the 15-yr-old family friend was still in the hospital when the story broke, awaiting surgery.


Katelyn Murphy, Infant Survives Car Crash, Being Thrown 25 Feet,, March 4, 2015.

Jill Drury, Baby Madison is ‘testament of family’s faith’,, March 3, 2015.


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