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World Bank finances human rights violators in Ethiopia

I have shared before how the World Bank financed land grabbers in Honduras for the sake of acquiring a stake in the multi-billion dollar palm oil industry, causing the deaths of over a hundred innocent people and indirectly contributing to the United States border crisis. Now it has come to light that they are doing the same thing in Ethiopia.Photo By:  Deborah W. Campos, World Bank

An arm of the United Nations, the World Bank touts itself as being humanitarian liberals who wish to help Third World countries advance their societies so they can become modern viable markets. But they are really the hypocritical lie-beral types who pretend they care when they actually view the less fortunate as tools to be exploited for gain with the ultimate goal of global governance.

The World Bank’s internal watchdog, known as the Inspection Panel, fielded complaints from an indigenous, mostly Christian, Anuak tribe in Ethiopia that told them tales of horror about how Ethiopian government entities used funds from the World Bank (possibly up to $1 billion) to do whatever they could to drive them off their land. The operation was given a nice-sounding name–“villagization.”

The villagization project apparently was used to try to trick people off their fertile, ancestral agricultural lands so the Ethiopian government could sell the land to wealthy foreign investors. They attempted to lure the people off the land with promises that their new villages would have “health care, education and other basic services they had lacked.” But no one was interested, so the government sent in soldiers and police to evict them using “forced displacement, arbitrary arrest and detention, beatings, rape, and other sexual violence” while they told their UN benefactors that everyone who moved did so of their own will. At last count, approximately 60% of the Anuak people were “relocated.”

However, evidence points to the fact that the World Bank was likely aware of what was going on and continued to fund the Ethiopian government anyway and still does to this day. The Inspection Panel has not released their official report yet, but they seem to be leaning toward whitewashing it to make the World Bank look like an innocent bystander. The villagization project supposedly ended in 2013 with the government falling short of their anticipated relocation goals, although they still accept the World Bank’s funds.

Source: Sasha Chavkin, Leaked Report Says World Bank Violated Its Own Rules In Ethiopia, HuffingtonPost, January 20, 2015.


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