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God didn’t call us to have ‘Hebrew Roots’ to be saved

Yesterday, a comment was submitted to the “My Beliefs” page here on my blog. Laura, the commenter, had some concerns about the Hebrew Roots movement and asked for my opinions on it. For some reason, even though I had all my settings selected correctly to display all of the latest approved comments in the right column of the screen on my blog, her comment and my response failed to be displayed. So I’m presenting them here in full since this is an important topic and many in the church are buying into the deceptions of the Hebrew Roots movement.


‘Hi Harry, I have enjoyed reading your posts.
I have several relatives who have converted to the Hebrew Roots Movement . Do you know much about this? We have not had a close relationship with them since the conversion. They have told us the name Jesus is false and he will not hear us unless he is called on by His proper name. They celebrate the sabbath on Saturday and believe it is a sin if you do not. They’ve told us that God does not see our hearts motive until we are obedient to His laws.
I know from a life spent discovering Christ that this is false. However, the most troubling aspect of this, which makes it hard to defend Christianity, is that they always point to the fact that our translation of the bible is corrupt and false. That the gospels and particular Paul’s words were screwed by bias translators and that we do not have the correct scriptures.
I’ve done my own research on this but am having a hard time finding anything concrete to cling to.
I really am not questioning my faith through this, but it has made me desire as acurate a translation as possible.
I would love your thoughts and suggestions.

–Harry A. Gaylord–

‘Hi, Laura.

Thanks for sharing. The Hebrew Roots Movement is very legalistic in its teachings. You can pretty much dismiss everything they say since they believe in a works-based salvation that requires one to fulfill the law to get to heaven.

To find out about God’s word, the Bible, you can read these posts I wrote:






This false doctrine has caused such an uproar that there are many other websites and YouTube videos that have debunked and exposed them if you care to research further on this topic. I found the YouTube video above by going to a search engine and typing in ‘hebrew roots movement exposed.’


Harry A. Gaylord


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