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Doctor theorizes aging is simply a stem cell problem that’s reversible

Biomedical scientist and surgeon, Dr. Robert Hariri, recently gave a TEDx talk unveiling his theories for reversing aging in humans by injecting adult stem cells to various parts of the body to make them youthful again. Hariri is a pioneer in using adult stem cells to successfully treat life threatening diseases.

As partial proof of his theory, Hariri highlighted a discovery of some of his plastic surgeon associates. When their patients underwent liposuction, they used the patient’s own liposuction material to inject into the patients’ faces to produce contours that would give them a more youthful look. Supposedly the plastic surgeons found that this method worked better than collagen or other filler injections and that the liposuction material contained stem cells. He also pointed out how rejuvenated bone marrow recipients are after they receive bone marrow transplants from younger donors. According to Hariri, this youthfulness occurs because the stem cells produce the right proteins necessary to produce youthful characteristics.

Hariri believes using these methods can help identify the defects in the human body that contribute to aging so they can be dealt with accordingly, which in turn will help the elderly maintain “quality and dignity” in their lives despite their age. At the beginning of his talk, he made clear that he doesn’t believe it’s possible for humans to live forever.

It’s possible that transhumanists will attempt to morph these methods into helping them achieve the immortality they want, but I believe they will ultimately fail. Since the earthly powers that be (i.e. the New World Order) are trying to shrink Earth’s population via abortions, euthanasia, & climate change hysteria to reduce carbon footprints, would they really be interested in helping as many people as possible improve their longevity and quality, or would they try to keep any successful advances for just the ruling class?

I think it’s great to use medical advances to improve quality of life and longevity, but no matter what mankind thinks up to try to live forever, we cannot obtain the knowledge or power of our own accord to reverse the ultimate problem that causes our bodies to age and decay under the 2nd law of thermodynamics. That ultimate problem being our sin nature inherited from Adam. It’s only the power of God through the Lord Jesus that can grant us a completely rejuvenated body because “corruption cannot inherit incorruption,” 1 Corinthians 15:50.

Source: The Fountain of Youth is Closer Than We Think Says Human Longevity Inc.’s Robert Hariri. 33rd Square. October 1, 2014.

Harry A. Gaylord



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