Scientists: Earth’s water older than Sun. Big Bang theory bites the dust

Over 2 years ago, I did this post on several things the Big Bang theory contradicts the Bible on. And the very first point I made was that the Big Bang claims the Sun came before the Earth while the Bible says the Sun wasn’t created until the fourth day. Now a team of scientists have discovered the Bible’s account is true. The Earth’s water is older than the Sun, according to their report in the September 26th issue of Science. 

Here’s an excerpt from an article on the report:

Water is found throughout our Solar System. Not just on Earth, but on icy comets and moons, and in the shadowed basins of Mercury. Water has been found included in mineral samples from meteorites, the Moon, and Mars.

‘Our findings show that a significant fraction of our Solar System’s water, the most-fundamental ingredient to fostering life, is older than the Sun, which indicates that abundant, organic-rich interstellar ices should probably be found in all young planetary systems.’

The fact that “[w]ater is found throughout our Solar System” is stated several times in the Bible starting in Genesis 1. The conclusion of their study that the Earth’s water is older than the Sun may be the only correct conclusion they came to. They hypothesize Earth’s water came from interstellar ices. The Bible says the “heaven and the earth” were formed simultaneously on the first day and soon afterwards on the same day God divided the waters under the firmament (Earth’s atmosphere) from the waters above the firmament. The waters above the firmament (in outer space) account for their interstellar ices and were made by God simultaneously with Earth’s water. But that is something they may discover later as they stumble about trying to avoid the Bible’s truths.

For another error-filled aspect of Big Bang theorists read Brian Thomas’s article “Big Bang Fizzles under Lithium Test” published at the Institute for Creation Research website.


Earth’s water is older than the sun: Likely originated as ices that formed in interstellar space,, September 25, 2014.

Harry A. Gaylord

14 thoughts on “Scientists: Earth’s water older than Sun. Big Bang theory bites the dust

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    1. Roger,

      Why deny what you inherently know to be true? That God exists. All of us are born with that knowledge. Since you know that to be true, how can you say that’s stupid when it takes an inconceivable amount of intelligence to create this universe and everything in it to make sure everything is working in synch? The existence of life-sustaining water (especially in our oceans) by itself is an incredible feat. Then on top of that, taking into account how this God can predict so accurately things that will occur in the future that then actually happen. That takes a lot of power along with a lot of intelligence. He’s awesome! You should get to know him.


      1. Roger,

        If you prefer reality, aren’t you concerned that evolutionists keep getting things incorrect time and time again or that they just lie? Take for instance this video below. It speaks of the so-called 99% dna chimp to human match. The more scientists unlock human and chimp genomes, the more the percentage of matching dna drops. In other words, 99% human/chimp dna matches have been shown to be untrue. And 10 minutes into this video, you’ll see a quote from a prominent evolutionist who says its ok to lie to people to get them on your side:

        Aren’t you concerned that an evolutionist this year found that a bird fossil discovered in China pre-dates dinosaurs & debunks the dinosaur to bird theory evolutionists believe?

        Doesn’t it bother you that evolutionists for decades thought snakes & lizards came from the same ancestor only to have that theory now debunked?

        So if the reality is that evolutionists’ reality keeps getting upended, isn’t putting trust in them like building a house on sinking sand?


      2. You’re asking that I discard reason in deference to faith. Can’t happen.

        You wish to engender mistrust of science as it is imperfect. Science requires imperfection, mistakes. Science is build upon learning from error. Question, reevaluation, and modification are normal and expected; welcomed, in fact.

        While I believe your intent is good, your arguments are empty; your words fall flat.

        Magic fails to enthrall. Basing a worldview on it is silly.


      3. Roger,

        A look at the info provided in the video & links proves that I am neither promoting the discarding of reason nor the mistrust of science. Rather I’m pointing out the wrong interpretation of science which evolution is prone to do because of its biases.

        Faith in the biblical God is based on reason. It states that mankind has a sin problem, how that came to be, & the ultimate solution. Man’s sins are obvious based on what’s happening in this world. Anyone with reasoning skills can see that.


      4. Oh, Harry, your fatal absolutism is showing horribly. You’re telling me that some video, or whatever, “proves” anything regarding your own statements is ludicrous.

        I’m relying on your own words in gauging your dismissive position. It starts in your title with “Big bang theory bites the dust”.


      5. Roger,

        The big bang theory may in fact be in a downward trend. Scientists who have embraced it are having a difficult time defending some of the hypotheses included in it as shown in the article by Brian Thomas I mentioned in my post above. Hence, the words in my title.

        So, yes, reasoning was behind the title and my post and my follow-up comments. I find it interesting that atheists/humanists/evolutionists generally criticize Christians for not having a consensus on some religious issues and claim that points out Christianity’s lack of validity, but when scientists in the same camp disagree, conflict, and contradict each other and can’t come to a consensus, you call it normal and expected and learning from error. Nevertheless, plenty of scientific data backs up the Bible. The video above is just a small example of the vast pool of scientific knowledge that verifies the Bible. However, people such as yourself refuse it since you fear the prospect of having to admit your sin and deal with God.

        The Bible has very accurate science in that it was the first to admit an expanding universe (Isaiah 40:22), that stars are too many to number (Jeremiah 33:22) yet at the same time they are finite (Isaiah 40:26), the 1st law of thermodynamics in that the universe is finished so the total quantity of energy & matter are constant (Genesis 2:1-2), that the universe had a beginning (Genesis 1:1), that light can be parted/divided (Job 38:24), explains the water cycle (Job 26:8), the importance of bone marrow to the skeletal system (Job 21:24), that the Earth is held up on nothing via gravity (Job 26:7), just to name a few. If the Bible were bunk, it wouldn’t get any of this correct especially before scientists discovered these things centuries later.

        God is a reasoning God–> “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool,” Isaiah 1:18.


      6. I know it’s difficult to admit genuine Christian faith is based on facts & sound reasoning. May the Lord remove the spiritual blindness from your eyes so you can experience his divine love in your heart.


  1. WOW Harry, I do not know that if anyone saw your article that they would not accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Absolutely superb writing……We all have to look back at where we all came from. We all need the Holy Spirit to draw us to Jesus and that will take prayer for this man and only prayer. I will certainly be praying for Roger. And you know who has put a veil on his spiritual eyes that he cannot see anything but his reality, which is a lie. Help him Lord – you love Roger so much and that is the only way that Roger will come to his senses – through your LOVE………MaggieJo


  2. So on Day 4 god created the sun… So.. What exactly did the earth rotate around then for the first 3 days?
    Checkmate; earth is flat and easily seen due to ones vantage point looking down at the ocean (horizon can’t rise with eye level on a globe). And also the beautiful FLAT reflections we see at the Boliivian salt flats; over 12,000+ sq kilometers reflective surface when it rains. You should go sometimes, it’s beautiful. Especially when you look at the picture perfect flat reflection in a 360 degree view. Unfortunately for the globetards, the Bolivian salt flats would = a 1.2 mile drop in curve on a globe which would provide one hell of a distorted reflection. But alas, the reflection is flat.
    There was no big bang, there is no space. We’re on a flat plain, under a firmament (which is specifically stated on the first page of the bible, and seen with the naked eye). Above the firmament is water, space does not exist.
    God exists, Jesus Christ exist and is coming back. It makes it clear that the godless inhabitants of earth will be judged, and somehow I don’t think someone whom believes in “space” can realistically believe in the real god.


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