Illegal aliens in NC commit sexual assaults, other crimes at alarming rates

An InfoWars report has uncovered a serious problem going on in the state of North Carolina that isn’t being reported in the Obama-friendly national nightly news outlets. A large number of illegal aliens who are flocking to that state for “refuge” are criminals whose whereabouts aren’t being tracked. One concerned citizen who happened to be away from work and in physical therapy due to an injury started documenting what he was seeing and hearing in his community and was astounded at what he discovered.

The NSA may be bending over backwards to keep law-abiding Americans under surveillance, but a concerted effort is being made to avoid tracking dangerous illegal immigrants who don’t garner attention until they sexually assault women and children or carry out other serious crimes. If this is going on in NC, where else in America is this happening? The video below explains and if you have any sense of justice, it will make you angry.

Harry A. Gaylord

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  1. Harry. I am concerned that your use of Info Wars in your posts may do more harm than good for those seeking the truth. Their stories reek of hyperbole and do nothing to lead one to Christ. Conspiracy theories are nothing more than gossip. Please know that I am saying this out of my great concern for the good work you do here. May God bless you and keep you.


  2. Hi Harry. I want to be careful of how I respond, ever mindful of the one who works in 3D (Deceive, Divide, Devour). I do not look to any of the named entities for truth but there is one truth and that is the Word of God. In Him is all that is known and all that is knowable for leading a righteous life. All who seek the truth must follow Him. Love in Christ.


    1. @Anonymous,

      True. But this was a discussion about the truth of the illegal alien story and InfoWars as a source, not about Biblical truth. We need to stay informed about what goes on in this world for the sake of helping people and to know what to pray for. There are a lot of innocent people being victimized by illegals, yet the government wants to reward illegals for breaking the law as most media outlets give glossed over stories to hide what really is going on behind the scenes for the sake of a greater evil agenda as victims suffer, which encourages more bad behavior to occur.


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