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Zeitgeist should be iced since it’s lies can’t suffice

Throughout history, those who oppose God, his word, and his people have tried all kinds of tactics to rid the world of worshiping him. One of the main tactics is to cast aspersions about who God is and what he has accomplished.

After Noah’s grandchildren turned away from worshiping Jehovah to worshiping Nimrod and Semiramis at Babel (Babylon), leaving God no choice but to confuse their languages at the Tower of Babel to divide them across the face of the Earth, they conjured up myths and legends about the worldwide flood to dilute the true story of how Jehovah saved Noah and his family. After God used Joseph to save Egypt for the sake of preserving Israel and his descendants, the Egyptian pharaohs after Joseph became ungrateful and erased what Jehovah and Joseph did for them from their national history, betraying the Hebrews with lies to enslave them.

They also struck their defeat by God at Moses’ hands from their history to make it appear as if pharaohs always defeated their enemies. Fast forward to Jesus’ time, and we see that the Jewish leaders, knowing full well that Jesus rose from the dead, conjured up and spread the lie that Jesus’ cowardly disciples somehow mustered up the courage to steal his body from the tomb in spite of the fact his tomb was guarded by a unit of well-trained Roman soldiers who were known for killing Jews who attacked them.

In our time, we are witnessing lies coming from the Zeitgeist movement claiming the whole account of Jesus’ life in the New Testament was stolen from various myths of the pagan gods. Some who are part of that movement are too ignorant to do fact-checking so they repeat the lies out of blind faith in whoever told them those lies, while others in the movement know very well that Zeitgeist is based on lies but believe that lies are okay when they’re done to get people away from Christianity and into supporting their group. Nevertheless, God’s truth always finds a way to shine forth in the midst of all the lies since his kingdom lasts forever.

Now there are a good number of YouTube videos out that systematically debunk and refute Zeitgeist’s deceptions, but trolls and other deceivers still scatter throughout the Internet to continue broadcasting their lies. One guy who has a series of nicely done videos to debunk Zeitgeist is Elliot Nesch, who has his own YouTube channel. They’ve been out for several years now. I’ve featured the first two in his 12-part series based on his documentary DVD below in case you’ve never seen or heard of them.

Harry A. Gaylord


4 thoughts on “Zeitgeist should be iced since it’s lies can’t suffice

  1. Hi Harry I have appreciated your work for a long time now. You might be interested in the non Biblical derivation the name of God as being Jehovah, apparently invented by the Mormons. I might get something a bit wrong here but i am sure you will see whatever merit there is to this argument.

    The Hebrew word used in the Bible for God was YHWH. Not pronounceable as intended. In hebrew writing, the vowels are left out. With recognizable words, even without the vowels, we can usually read right through it accurately, realizing which vowels are needed. But, for a non recognizable word, like YHWH, it is up in the air as to which vowels go where, or, we might say we can choose whichever ones we want, to get something nicely pronounceable perhaps.

    So, putting ourselves in the shoes of the mormons, trying to rewrite the Bible, we would start with the YHWH and add what vowels we chose, and coming up with Yehowah. Then comes the question of who could read in those days, and how things were pronounced, and we find that Germans doing the reading and writing, would pronounce the Y as J and the W as V, to come up with the transformation of YHWH into Jehovah, spelled in English as the Germans would pronounce it.

    Which brings us to the way Mormons choose to characterise themselves, Jehovahs witnesses. Thus Jehovah can be viewed as an invented God suitable for the invented religion, an unintended consequence but a true representation of their situation.

    Blessings, Hammond. A Lutheran, after a long journey through the heresies of the Episcopal church. conservative Lutheran at that.


    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion, Hammond. I covered the name of Jehovah in this post–>

      I have a few questions. If God’s name is “Not pronounceable as intended,” as you stated, why does scripture after scripture talk about people calling on the name of the Lord? Why does God even tell us he wants us to call on his name (Zechariah 13:9)? Didn’t calling on his name in the Bible include an audible pronunciation from those who did it– which means they knew how to pronounce Jehovah’s name?


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