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God’s not harsh, he just wants a good return on investments

“Christianity is so unfair! Why are some people allowed in heaven and others are sent to hell?” How many times have you heard that argument or something similar? People who say such things haven’t really thought things through or overlook how society functions or how they themselves operate. If they took a close look at such things, they would realize what a hypocritical statement they’ve made regarding who makes it to heaven and who ends up in hell.

One of the most basic arguments to tear down their idea of unfairness is to point out that heaven is God’s house where he hangs out with his friends. Since it’s his house and his friends, it’s his choice as to who his friends are and who will be allowed into his house. This then begs the question of such people, “Do you allow anyone and everyone to be your friend? Do you allow anyone and everyone to freely come into your residence as they please to do whatever they please there?” (As a side note, this hypocrisy is applicable to the intentionally-created chaos on the U.S.-Mexico border where certain people want everyone to come in as long as someone else takes care of the kids as this video demonstrates.)

This is brought into even clearer focus when one points out that everyone is not going to like us in life. We can be the sweetest person ever and someone will decide to be jealous or envious of us and want to harm us for no good reason. If we encounter someone who hates us so much, despite any good we’ve done, that they want to physically harm us or what belongs to us, are we going to invest anything of ours in them indefinitely? Should they be allowed to hurt us without any repercussions whatsoever? Then how is it that anyone would think God, who is superior to us, would be expected to do less than us in that regard?

God is an extremely generous benefactor who provides us with an innumerable amount of blessings on this Earth, and what does he ask for in return? That we give him well-deserved devotion and loyalty. Nothing less than a positive return on his investments (ROI), which is similar to what we expect from our employees or employers, from our friends, our investment advisers, our home improvement contractors, our elected officials, etc. And if they fail to give us what we expect from our investment of time, finances, etc., they go on our blacklist and we might even take steps to fire them or sue them, depending on the circumstances. Oddly enough, some who deny hell exists are the first ones to tell people who tick them off to go there.

God reserves these types of rights (although more significant) over all of humanity. In Ezekiel 16:17-22, God ran down a list of all of the investments he made in Israel when he brought them up from nothing. He blessed them with material things like gold, silver, and precious stones, blessed them with beautiful children to strengthen them as a nation. Instead of them being thankful and loyal, all he got was them using the material things to worship idols and them hating their children enough to offer them as human sacrifices to the idols. So he took them out because they reneged on their contract, the conditional clauses of the covenant. He did the same thing to certain churches in Revelation 1-2. Jesus even gave a parable that this is his M.O. in Luke 13:6-9.

Therefore, the unfairness really lies with those who expect the Lord to act differently.

Harry A. Gaylord



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