God offers some things for a limited time only, so carpe diem

Ever been in a situation where you knew God was prompting you to act quickly in that particular moment, but you disobeyed him and talked yourself out of it and then kicked yourself later for missing out on that opportunity? I've been guilty of that several times before. In one instance, I had to pick... Continue Reading →

Disrespect for the sacred can invite a smackdown from God’s hand

There are many things in this life that God has set apart as sacred and doesn't want us messing with in a way that diminishes their sanctity. When the sacred is turned into a tool for self-glorification or some other form of idolatry, the situation calls for God to step in with some form of... Continue Reading →

A candid dissection of Islam’s sharia from someone who lived it

This past Thursday, a Brooklyn jury convicted a Brooklyn cab driver of murder for ordering an honor killing in Pakistan against the father and sister of a man who helped the cab driver's daughter escape her unhappy marriage to continue their affair. Yes, sharia is happening in small corners of America as well as in... Continue Reading →

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