Disrespect for the sacred can invite a smackdown from God’s hand

There are many things in this life that God has set apart as sacred and doesn't want us messing with in a way that diminishes their sanctity. When the sacred is turned into a tool for self-glorification or some other form of idolatry, the situation calls for God to step in with some form of... Continue Reading →

Only Jesus can satisfy hungry & thirsty souls

I'm not quite sure why there are people in this world who believe that we humans are basically good. Even if you have a nice job, live in a nice neighborhood, have a family of nice law-abiding citizens, are surrounded by good friends, sooner or later an uncomfortable situation or conflict with another human is... Continue Reading →

A candid dissection of Islam’s sharia from someone who lived it

This past Thursday, a Brooklyn jury convicted a Brooklyn cab driver of murder for ordering an honor killing in Pakistan against the father and sister of a man who helped the cab driver's daughter escape her unhappy marriage to continue their affair. Yes, sharia is happening in small corners of America as well as in... Continue Reading →

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