When nations become enablers: gay agenda side effects

Please look away if you don’t have the heart to hear criticism about gay activists and their agenda. I’m about to say some uncomfortable things and, as often is the case, those who love a particular sin or make excuses for it often live in denial about just how bad it is and get upset with frank discussions concerning it.

gay rainbow flagNow that that’s out of the way, I’ll proceed. There are some very disturbing trends that have been brought to light of late when it comes to homosexuality that the mainstream media doesn’t really like to address since it would fly in the face of their pro-gay, neo-fascist agenda. As America becomes more accepting of bad behaviors involved with the gay lifestyle and defend it, some negative side effects have arisen. For example, the CDC  and WHO have noted in recent studies that HIV is on the rise among gay and bisexual men, although it has significantly decreased in the rest of the population. It is such a problem that the WHO has strongly recommended that gay and bisexual men start automatically taking HIV drugs even if they haven’t been diagnosed with the disease–just as a precaution–since they have taken into account that a large number of these men avoid getting tested and have HIV without knowing it.

As if that isn’t bad enough, the CDC has also noted that the LGBT community has a higher rate of excessive drinking and smoking than heterosexuals that contributes to greater health problems with their hearts, lungs, and livers compared to heterosexuals. But wait, there’s more. It has also been noted that cases of syphilis, gonorrhea, and hepatitis C have increased. Although this rise is seen in both the gay and teen-young adult population, a vast majority of those cases (75%+) are among gays and bisexuals.

Among the new cases of gonorrhea among gay males, an aggressive, drug-resistant new strain has arisen and 10% of those who contract it may not exhibit symptoms. This puts heterosexual women in harm’s way if they sleep with a bisexual man, many of whom hide their bisexuality (or in street terms they’re on the down-low (DL)). It will also put minors in harm’s way since (even though many are in denial about this) the LGBT community loves to target minors for sex and are working behind the scenes to push for legalized pedophilia little-by-little. I wonder how many of them are Catholic priests.

gay pink triangleDespite all of these negative trends, the LGBT community is trying to pressure the FDA to accept their blood donations, claiming they are being discriminated against. Unbelievable. Not only has the gay rights agenda turned the U.S. into a nation of enablers of their hedonistic vanity, we can now see how nihilistically selfish they are. By claiming discrimination of blood donations, which the FDA does to prevent the spread of diseases to the sick, LGBTs reveal they don’t really care about others, just as long as they can have their way as if they are entitled to have their way in every circumstance. So a big “thank you” to all enablers out there for their contributions to this new America.

It’s interesting that some of the articles I read to put this post together actually blame society and those who are against homosexuality as the problem for these trends, instead of letting the individuals themselves accept personal responsibility. I guess they’re too blind to see that the more the LGBTs get their so-called “rights”, the greater the negative trends. “Gay marriages” won’t stop these trends either since their mockery of marriage is really an “open” sexual arrangement.

So, once again, it turns out God was right to warn us away from fornication in the Bible. It shows that he really loves us and wants us to live well and be healthy enough to prosper in body, soul, and spirit.

A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. Proverbs 22:3

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. 1 Corinthians 15:33


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  1. “I wonder how many of them are Catholic priests.” Singling out this group does a great injustice to the very important subject that you have engaged in and, probably, will be harshly criticized for. As you know, this problem permeates all sectors of society and we need all our brothers and sisters who stand with us to meet this and other challenges head on. Satan sees a great advantage in using this high profile group to turn those who are without the truth against following the path of our Lord Jesus and to demonize those who do follow Him. Although you and I may disagree with the teaching of the Catholic Church, let us not become an instrument of Satan, whose goal is to divide and conquer.
    God bless you for having the courage to raise this issue and may He keep you and uphold you with His righteous right hand.


    1. Amen, Eliza. Ephesians 5 says the Lord wants to present to himself a church without spot or wrinkle so those who love compromise with the world are in trouble if they don’t straighten up–with the emphasis on the ‘straight’ part.


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