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A candid dissection of Islam’s sharia from someone who lived it

This past Thursday, a Brooklyn jury convicted a Brooklyn cab driver of murder for ordering an honor killing in Pakistan against the father and sister of a man who helped the cab driver’s daughter escape her unhappy marriage to continue their affair. Yes, sharia is happening in small corners of America as well as in other parts of the non-Muslim world. Yet much of the Western Hemisphere, including North America, has been fearful of acknowledging the tyranny and brutality of Islam for fear of being labeled Islamophobic and for fear of violent retaliation via a sharia fatwa from Islamic bloodthirsty lunatics.

But ignoring a problem like sharia and its purveyors who have infiltrated our society, through the Muslim Brotherhood’s CAIR, all the way up to our federal government won’t make the problem go away. Why is it that change in the Islamic world always leads to more brutality and human rights violations? What drives male relatives of a pregnant woman in Pakistan to stone her to death simply because she married without the family’s permission? Female activist Nonie Darwish, who grew up under sharia in Egypt but now claims Christianity, recently gave a candid and blunt view of the ideologies that make up Islam and its accompanying geopolitical system called sharia. The link below is to a video that was taped in Silicon Valley at a Conservative Forum in June and if you’re not afraid of being labeled an Islamophobe, the one hour, 20 minute video will open your eyes.

Nonie Darwish, Islam and the West.


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