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Atheist claims he also believes in God and utters gibberish about it

Weeks after atheist Richard Dawkins claimed to be a ‘secular Christian’ comes another guy claiming to be an atheist who believes in God. When I read atheist Frank Schaeffer’s article at CNN’s Belief Blog, the first thing that came to my mind is that this guy is a pride-filled fool to the point he doesn’t know which way is up. I guess now that the glaring contradictions of atheists have been exposed in various debates by Christians, atheists are starting to see how foolish they look but Schaeffer, like Dawkins, ends up making himself look like a bigger fool.Escher convex and concave

Basically, his premise is that he knows atheism has contradictions, but it’s okay to embrace two opposing views that cannot both be true. In other words, he thinks it’s okay for atheists to violate the law of non-contradiction by relabeling it as paradoxical even though atheists barrage Christianity and the Bible with false accusations that they can be dismissed as untrue because of their so-called contradictions. That’s just bad philosophy and is simply making up the rules as he goes along his meandering, lost way.

Some of his amusing quotes in the article include the following:

Many Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Christians inherited their faith because of where they were born. If you are an atheist, you hold those beliefs because of a book or two you read, or who your parents were and the century in which you were born.

Don’t delude yourself: There are no ultimate reasons for anything, just circumstances.

(This is a typical statement of atheists and it shows how out-of-touch he is since, as I’ve stated before, there are a huge amount of Christians in traditionally pagan lands, especially in Asia and Africa. But then after stating the ultimate reasons why he thinks people are the religion they are, he contradicts himself by saying there are no ultimate reasons for anything. And the statement itself is an ultimate reason since his ‘ultimate reason’ for his views is that there are no ultimate reasons. A glaring contradictory statement which cannot be true since it contradicts itself.)

I am an atheist who believes in God.

…I believe that life evolved by natural selection. I believe that evolutionary psychology explains away altruism and debunks love, and that brain chemistry undermines the illusion of free will and personhood.

I also believe that a spiritual reality hovering over, in and through me calls me to love, trust and hear the voice of my creator.

(Schaeffer verifies what Romans 1 says, which is that all people have the sense of God’s existence built into them by God. Therefore, there is really no such thing as an atheist. If love is debunked, then how is it that he acknowledges the reality that he is called to love? He also calls personhood and free will ‘illusions’, but then acknowledges he exercises the reality of both in being called to love, trust, and hear the voice of his creator. If you have no personhood, how can you have any beliefs? One automatically confirms the other. Duh!)

I believe that we’re all of at least two minds. We play a role and define that role as “me” because labels and membership in a tribe make the world feel a little safer.

(Playing a role, defining that role, and membership in a tribe are all terms of personhood, which he says is an illusion while he acknowledges it’s reality. His acknowledging that he has two minds is the closest thing to the truth that he reaches in his article (and no, not all of us have two minds) and he confirms what the Bible says about those who have two minds, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways,” James 1:8.)

Harry A. Gaylord


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