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God gets praise in Texas, Nova Scotia, and Cuba for miracles

Marie Cribbs, a resident of Texas, had been wheelchair bound for four years due to complications from breast cancer, diabetes, and psoriatic arthritis. But on Sunday, May 4 she decided to go to church where they were hosting a guest evangelist from Vietnam who was converted from witchcraft to Christianity during the Vietnam War and had been jailed in Vietnam several years for his Christian faith. At the end of his sermon, Paul Ai called for anyone who needed prayer and healing to come forward. Marie’s husband Bill took her up for prayer and God healed her. She is now walking, jumping, and running again. (Source: Gina Meeks.  Miracle in Texas: Woman Walks After 4 Years Wheelchair-Bound. June 3, 2014.)

In Nova Scotia, baby Mireya, who was stillborn 3 months ago because of a difficult pregnancy and labor her mother suffered, was dead for 28 minutes and then revived without assistance suddenly. Her mother says she is healthy, happy, and is progressing normally with no health complications 3 months after her death at birth. (Source: Ruth Davenport. Halifax’s ‘miracle baby at three months: happy, healthy and loved. June 2, 2014.)

In Cuba, a Baptist pastor has shared how he had a ministry assignment to share the gospel on the Isle of Youth. On his way to catch a ferry there, he fell sick with a virus and had to get help from a young man who saw that the pastor looked ill. The young man helped him get a ticket for the ferry and helped him aboard.

Even while he was sick, the pastor tried to share the gospel as much as he could with the young man and others on board but eventually fell asleep until he was awakened toward the end of the ferry trip at 1:30 am. After he disembarked, he called out to the Lord and asked for the Lord’s healing so he could minister the gospel in his full strength. Daniel Gonzalez said he was healed instantly.

When he later continued on his journey through the island, he felt led by the Holy Spirit to go to third floor of a random building and knocked on one of the doors of the apartment building. The young man who answered happened to be the same young man who helped him get the ticket and board the ferry the previous day. Gonzalez explained to the young man, who was shocked to see him, that he had come to finish sharing the gospel with him. Karell, the young man, ended up getting saved that day. (Source: Baptist Press. Cuban pastor sees divine appointment twice. June 5, 2014.)

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