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Glow-in-the-dark Christians: twins lose HGTV show, unapologetic of their faith

We are truly living in times that separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls when it comes to living out the Christian faith. On the one hand, in recent weeks we’ve had a pastor of a Michigan Vineyard Church and the lead singer of famous Christian band Jars of Clay express their support for gay marriage while on the other hand in stark contrast today, news broke about the Benham twins who stick by their stance against sin, including homosexuality and abortion. Because of their views, the Benhams were targeted by a lieberal hate group that went to HGTV and urged the network to dump their agreement with the twins for an upcoming show, which HGTV did quickly.

David Benham, one of the twins, as well as their father (Flip Benham) have been openly preaching the gospel lovingly to call sinners and the church to repentance as they stand against a whole host of sins. It’s because of this that they were labeled Islamophobes, homophobes, and bigots by lieberals who want to see any opposing views shut down in public. Not only do the Benhams minister outside of abortion clinics, they also held demonstrations against the Ground Zero mosque and held a prayer rally before the Democratic National Convention when it was held in Charlotte two years ago, expressing their opposition to some of the things the DNC stands for.



At the time of the rally, David Benham criticized the church in America for allowing sin to go unchecked within the congregations and society at large while we concentrate on constructing large church buildings. Although they expressed their disappointment with how things turned out with HGTV, they have defended their faith, making it plain they don’t hate gays or people of other faiths. They released a statement to Todd Starnes of Fox News that says, “If our faith costs us a television show then so be it.”

We Christians are called by God to glow in the dark and I thank God for people like the Benhams who are doing just that by standing firm on their faith even in the midst of a satanic attack. I pray the Lord will continue to strengthen them and bless them. Their situation reminds me of what the prophet Jeremiah endured when he expressed being conflicted about what he should do in the face opposition:

7 … I am in derision [made fun of] daily, every one mocketh me…

Then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name. But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay. Jeremiah 20

As much as genuine Christians may try to keep from expressing God’s word in some way, we can’t help but to tell God’s truth verbally and/or by our lifestyle, for he has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9). The lieberal darkness wants to exterminate those who glow in the dark, but one day God will exterminate the darkness with his light. “Here is the patience of the saints,” Revelation 14:12.


Todd Starnes. Ex-HGTV hosts: ‘If our faith costs us a TV show, so be it.’ May 8, 2014.

Billy Hallowell. HGTV Drops Show After Controversy Erupts Over Hosts’ Christian Views on Gay Marriage and Abortion. May 8, 2014.

Harry A. Gaylord



4 thoughts on “Glow-in-the-dark Christians: twins lose HGTV show, unapologetic of their faith

  1. Hello Harry I pray everything is well. I just wanted to ask a big favour, I have a atheist relative who is debating with me, but the problem is i don’t have time to research and then respond due to the fact I’m getting ready to leave for America very soon. I know you are probably a very busy man but I ask if I can just post his attacks and if you could write up a argument I would be very very grateful. The only reason why I am debating with him is because he goes to my congregation and he converts people to atheism so I really got to do something about him.

    God bless you Harry my brother in Christ and remember for what’s it’s worth you are always in my prayers


  2. Okay so these are his attacks we were talking about the transvestite in the eurovision and our pastor said

    “These are the things which our generation longs for unfortunately. Woe! to us who live in this perverse generation. Instead of telling the poor man/woman to repent, society cheers him/her on, and by accepting such sins, we provoke God’s wrath.”

    (by the way this is what this guy was saying to my pastor also i know it is a ton to read but if you can sum it all up and provide me with a argument opposing his pseudo-theories our entire congregation would be very thankful brother. And i posted twice because the first time it said error)

    and he responded

    I would like to disagree, respectfully. Firstly, as an atheist it is not something I or many others personally long for. What many (new generation) do is accept and respect others and their choices, there’s a difference. Society is far from being perfect but with progress scientifically we can now have a better understanding of the mind of a serial killer, pedophile, someone with depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimers, Autism and a whole load of other life changing brain differences to the norm. One of which is being gay. Nobody wakes up one day and decides to be gay. Unfortunately religious extremes using teachings from 2000+ years ago without any intention of moving forward with advanced knowledge of the times now oppress and judge people, claiming to have an ultimate truth. All religions claim to have the absolute truth but can never present any evidence, only relying on faith of their contradicting holy books. One religion very different to the other. In the mean time, with complete ignorance and without proper investigation assume that their way is the right way. This is a sad sad shame!!

    With years of research, a specific gene marker in someone that can be triggered by severe child abuse in childhood are the ingredients of creating a serial killer. In the same way an everyday person has a trivial bad habit they cannot control, a serial killer has urges that a normal person does not have. Religion, will not understand the serial killer and try and find a way to help cure the battered mind. Religion wants to punish without a glimmer of an attempt of understanding.

    We have had many drag queens over the years produce wonderful entertainment for the masses on mainstream tv. Harmless entertainers. If a god sent us here to be who we are, why do people get suntans? Why wear makeup? Are obese people a disgrace to a god? and so on……

    Galileo found REAL EVIDENCE that earth was not centre of the universe. A very religious Europe of the time arrested him and his findings were not published for 200 years!!! Religion then as now, assumed it had all the right answers. Rationality, reason and critical thinking is the way forward, not outdated dangerous, oppressive ideas of religion and old cultural traditions of which there’s a relation.

    All the Cypriot religious people I know have never read a science book, never engage in stimulating educational conversations so they can make comparison rather than follow the cultural norm, which is different depending on your birth place which relies purely on circumstance. If you were born in Indonesia, you would be Muslim now, most probably! Cypriots solidify their truths with Orthodoxy, proud as they are but a catastrophe of ignorance, a complete disregard for education. Those who do get educated, respect their space though. I even drive my mum to church. Searching for truth is not a competition!

    A human trait is frustration and anger,yes I do have this in small chunks towards dogmatism! Sometimes I don’t want to be civilized. All religions are a cancer in the minds of our children

    The same way Galileo proving the earth was not centre of the universe and vilified for it because of a faith to suit. This is what you’re about. A real debate, televised, involving the right questions and the correct uncorrupted debating platform where all have a free say will be here soon. No where to hide, all will be clear and freedom to challenge RATIONALLY. I will invite you. You have to be smart though. Here you are like a teenager desperate to have his say.

    Let’s see if you can arrange a warrant for my arrest like Galileo?
    By the way? You do agree that earth is not centre of the universe right? I have to check.

    From your sarcastic comments about atheist values and where we get them from? Can I ask you how the animal kingdom survives? Do Meerkats go to church to get teamwork values? Do Bonobos resolve their issues peacefully by reading the Bible or Quran? I will post a variety of segments from your bible describing genocide and rape ordered by your God. Give me time though I’m not at home with my researched bible. There are way too many. It’s funny how they never get mentioned conveniently in schools and to the mainstream public, hmmmmmm!!! Thing is after I post chapter and verse people can check for themselves. Then you can go on to explain what God really meant by those killings. The real meaning of his plan.

    One as a taster, from the all loving compassionate God… “Then Yahweh said to Joshua, ‘Now I am delivering Jericho and its king into your hands”. So, when “the walls of Jericho came tumbling down”, the Jewish warriors “enforced the ban on everything in the town: men and women, young and old, even the oxen and sheep and donkeys, massacring them all”.Joshua 6:21…. Please, tell me what God says about values?
    The same in southern Canaan, which “Yahweh gave into the power of Israel; and Israel struck every living creature there with the edge of the sword, and left none alive”.Joshua 10:30 …Please explain to me again where people got their values?

    Moses was a lovely chap wasn’t he? … Not! Thus we read in the Book of Numbers that the Jews “waged the campaign against Midian, as Yahweh had ordered Moses, and they put every male to death… the sons of Israel took the Midianite women captive with their young children, and plundered all their cattle, all their flocks and all their goods. They set fire to the towns where they lived and all their encampments… Then, when they took the captives, spoil and booty to Moses…, Moses was enraged…. ‘why have you spared the life of all the women…? So kill all the male children. Kill also all the women who have slept with a man. Spare the lives only of the young girls who have not slept with a man, and take them for yourselves”.Num 31:7-19.

    I will not curse you and call you names, I have a line set to respect your space and others, but I do find your debating skills weak, and your dogmatism a disgrace. You will never dare to say I don;t know or be willing to research other theories and compare and discuss in a fair open debate. Your faith is best and all others will suffer is what you say. I personally say, let’s hear all views and let reason, logic, and fact help guide us on our search. Big difference!!! Means I can drive my mum to church and allow here to be free. It means you are judgemental because you have all the so called answers!!! A DISGRACE!


    1. All it takes to knock down an atheist’s arguments is to (1) assume they have an agenda or bias and (2) question & scrutinize every statement they make.

      […life changing brain differences to the norm. One of which is being gay. Nobody wakes up one day and decides to be gay.]

      Simply ask where his reliable, unquestioned scientific proof of this statement is. If no one decides to be gay, then essentially no one can control who they sleep with. That is totally untrue. If he wanted to have sex with someone and they had a disease that contraceptives couldn’t prevent and medicine couldn’t cure, meaning he would definitely get the disease, would he have the ability to say no to having sex with that person?

      [Unfortunately religious extremes…now oppress and judge people, claiming to have an ultimate truth]

      And he just made judgments himself about religious people. He made the judgment that they are “extreme” and that they oppress. If he thinks its wrong to judge people, what gives him the right to judge religious people?

      [All religions claim to have the absolute truth but can never present any evidence, only relying on faith of their contradicting holy books.]

      If he thinks it’s wrong to claim that one has the absolute truth, then why is he contradicting himself by claiming to have the absolute truth that religion is wrong and his views are right? Belief in the Bible is fact-based faith and many of the facts in the Bible have already produced evidence of their truth by fulfilled prophecies and other evidence.

      [One religion very different to the other. In the mean time, with complete ignorance and without proper investigation assume that their way is the right way.]

      But he ignores that scientists differ from each other and contradict each other also. I wonder what specific proper investigation he has done to prove that his way is right. He claims pedophilia and homosexuality are brain differences, but there are scientists who disagree and contradict that.

      [With years of research, a specific gene marker in someone that can be triggered by severe child abuse in childhood are the ingredients of creating a serial killer.]

      Which study is he talking about? What proof does he have? Most abused children never become serial killers. People kill because they choose to. There have also been peer-reviewed scientific studies to show that a person’s religious behavior is affected by their genes, so why is he defending criminals who kill based on genes while he attacks religious people who feed the poor, start hospitals to heal the sick, open orphanages in third world countries, etc. if they are genetically religious? He’s just trying to justify his own evil.

      As far as all his so-called “massacre scriptures” maybe he should be more concerned as to why atheists massacre millions (including their own people), like Mao Tsedong, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, serial killers Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, Adolph Hitler, Adolf Eichmann, Benito Mussolini, Pol Pot, and Nicolae Ceausescu.

      The so-called “massacres” in the Bible were ordered by God to wipe out criminals who corrupted their whole society and failed to carry out justice. God lists their sins in the Bible–rape, incest, bestiality, murder, theft, human sacrifices, and more. So they had to be wiped out. But Israel ended up not wiping them out and their nation became weak because of it.

      Now back to his genetic arguments. Studies have also shown that there are those afflicted with a genetic disorder that makes them steal–kleptomania. So is he going to defend those who stole from the Greek government and Greek citizens which caused the whole nation’s economy to collapse? Is he going to say they were genetically disposed to steal? There’s a reason why the Bible speaks against the sins he defends. Such behavior destroys nations and these people victimize innocent people, which also weakens nations.

      Homosexuals, including drag queens, bisexuals, and pedophiles, have a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases that they have been spreading around, making people sick, which drives up health care costs, which weakens individuals and their countries financially, not to mention these diseases jeopardize lives and can cause death. Sexually promiscuous gay and bisexual men and loose women are now spreading a new antibiotic strain of gonorrhea. How is that helpful to society?

      If anything is a disgrace, it’s this guy’s defense of bad behaviors. And since he believes in evolution and scientific advances that are supposed to improve and strengthen humanity, why does he defend things that have been shown to weaken society and hurt humanity? He’s a liar.


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