papyrusThe mainstream media was gung ho not too long ago about an announcement from “experts” stating the papyrus speaking of Jesus’ wife was authentic. Now another team of experts have taken a more thorough look at the papyrus and have concluded it’s most likely a forgery attempting to pass itself off as authentic. Here is what they found:

  • Part of the writings on the papyrus copy text, including a glaring typographical error, found specifically from a specific online copy of the Gospel of Thomas.
  • They compared the “Jesus’ wife” papyrus with a known forgery of the Gospel of John and discovered the “Gospel of Jesus’ wife” papyrus was written “in the same hand, using the same ink and even the same writing instrument” as the forged Gospel of John. Therefore, it has been concluded that if the Gospel of John is an obvious forgery, then these direct ties to the “Gospel of Jesus’ wife” expose it as a forgery also.

The experts point out that it wasn’t lab analysis that brought this to light, but good old-fashioned detective work like Sherlock Holmes would do by honing his observational skills. Furthermore, the CNN writers who reported this story were keen to point out that “science might not always have all the answers” when it comes to determining authenticity. But if you have faith in God’s word, you probably already knew that, right?

Once again, the secular media moved so quickly to try to raise doubts about the accuracy of the Bible, salivating over the possibility of tearing down someone’s faith, that they failed to commit to due diligence. But those who attempt to make God out to be a liar will always eventually be shown to be liars themselves. This is another case of why we Christians should just stick to our guns.

Source: Joel S. Baden and Candida R. Moss. New clues cast doubt on ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.’ April 29, 2014

Harry A. Gaylord