God and the pot shop

Medical marijuana“God told me to open up a cannabis shop,” according to Bryan Davies, a resident of Sacramento, California. He and his wife, Lanette, claim they use their medical marijuana shop “Canna Care” to “minister” to sick patients looking for relief.

Lanette defends what they do by stating, “Jesus Christ made a statement that all people should care for one another, and this is our way of taking that to our community.” They supposedly share the gospel with their customers, have Bibles for purchase scattered around their store, and pray with all interested customers at 6 pm every day. The couple is also embroiled in a legal fight with the federal government who has gone after them via the IRS for unpaid taxes to the tune of $875,000. The Davies argue they are completely tax compliant and vow to fight in the courts until they win.

This couple’s excuses for condoning sorcery are just a few in the large collection of twisting scriptures that others have used in favor of drug use. For instance, I’ve been told by people who call themselves “spiritual” that there’s nothing wrong with smoking dope since God is the one who made those plants and everything God made is good. I’ve also had people tell me something like, “Well, Jesus said that nothing that enters a man makes him unclean. It’s only the stuff that comes out of a man’s heart that defiles him.”

Like all who ignore scriptural context, they ignore the fact that scripture must be compared with scripture to find the proper meaning and application. Marijuana use fosters addiction and places people in an altered state of consciousness, making them susceptible to evil influence and devils. The Davies conveniently omit the simple fact Jesus came to free us from sinful addictions, to encourage us to be sober and alert by the power of the Holy Spirit so we can resist devils and evil influences (Titus 2:12; 1 Peter 5:8). Yes, God created plants, but when Adam fell, not only was man cursed, other parts of God’s creation were cursed also (Genesis 3:17). Some plants became poisonous and harmful and as part of God’s cursing man and the ground, man had to toil to judge between plants bearing good fruit vs. plants bearing evil fruit.

When Jesus told us that a man isn’t defiled by what enters him (Mark 7), the specific subject he was talking about was that eating with hands that didn’t undergo the extensive Jewish handwashing ritual had no bearing on making a person spiritually defiled. That saying was extended to include the meaning that eating pork, or shellfish, or other non-kosher foods did not make a person spiritually defiled. But the desire that comes from men’s hearts to get high or drunk, which open up a person to the influence of devils, does spiritually defile since these practices oppose God’s commands for us to be sober, wise, and alert. No matter how people try to justify hallucinogens and narcotics and their legalization, God is against it because it’s sinful.


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Harry A. Gaylord

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  1. How many who read scripture are obedient to His Word when He tells us not to eat unclean animals, which He created with a purpose, but not for food? ” Like all who ignore scriptural context, they ignore the fact that scripture must be compared with scripture to find the proper meaning and application.”


  2. “Christian” pot shop, “Christian” porn shop, “Christian” abortion clinic . . . all there to “help” others in “need.” No, what unbiblical and ungodly nonsense.
    Thanks for posting this puff, Harry.


  3. I wonder which ‘god’ told Mr. Davies to do this. The embracing of drugs and using excuses to use or sell them, is one of the very clear and tragic end time messages revealed in God’s Word and the book of Revelation which declares that even after all the disasters that will come upon the earth in the last days, people will refuse to turn away from or repent of their many idols, (made of gold, silver, brass, stone and wood…which neither see nor hear nor walk), neither will they repent of all of their murders, witchcraft, drug abuse, immorality and theft. (Revelation 9: 20, 21)


    1. You are right; everything is happening just as God said it would . . . all the more reason to spread the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, starting right about now.


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