What a bird reminded me about thunderstorms

I woke up early recently due to a very loud thunderstorm rumbling through my area. It upset me that I lost a couple of hours of sleep because of all the lightning flashing and the loud claps of thunder which occurred every few minutes. But a robin in a nearby tree outside my bedroom served as a reminder to me that I should look past the storm itself and look forward to what was on the other side of it.

RobinThe robin was just happily chirping its heart out in the midst of all the lightning, thunder, and rain. Why? Because it was excited about what was just ahead for it because of that storm. It was happy that a feast of earthworms was on the way that would provide nourishment which in turn would help it get through the day and possibly feed its family. God used that robin to remind me that although thunderstorms of life can bring setbacks, disappointments, loss, and grief, he can work it out for my good if I keep in mind he’s right there with me in the midst of it to see me through to the other side of it.

It took me back to the story in Acts when Paul had been arrested and was on a ship headed to Rome for his trial (Acts 27). They ran into severe weather along the way, but Paul was encouraged that everything would turn out fine when he was visited by an angel one night who promised that if everyone stayed aboard the ship, no one would die. Everyone made it to shore safely after they suffered the loss of the ship and the cargo aboard it and their survival gave witness that God is real and keeps his word and gave Paul the opportunity to preach the gospel to the natives on the island of Malta (Melita) (Acts 28) who also witnessed a miracle when a poisonous serpent bit Paul but he didn’t get sick or die.

Additionally, I came across this devotional that highlights how believers in Jesus should handle storms that come their way– “How to Find Truth in the Midst of Turbulent Feelings” by Whitney Hopler.



Harry A. Gaylord

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    1. They have built-in mechanisms to deal with it, like oiled feathers, without being phased by it. God created us with emotions to feel loss but also gave us his spirit to work through them. It’s a delicate balancing act for believers that I haven’t mastered yet but hope to.


  1. Hello Harry. how is everything. Was just wandering what is your take on the Ancient of days the vision the prophet Daniel saw do you believe the old man to be Jesus christ or the father. I have always been told that the old man in prophet Daniels vision is the pre-incarnate Jesus so before he came to earth (forgive me if i used wrong terminology) And also to show his immortality. What’s your take?


    1. Hi, Nick.

      The Ancient of days depicted in Daniel 7 is a depiction that serves as a glimpse of what John sees happening in Revelation when he’s taken to heaven in a vision by the Spirit. Since Jesus is the everlasting Father mentioned in Isaiah 9, he is whoever and whatever the Father is. John by the Holy Spirit tells us twice that “no man hath seen God at any time.” Having said that, in Daniel 7, it looks like the Ancient of days is referring to the Father if we look at verse 13 where the Son of man (Jesus) is carried by the clouds of heaven before the throne of the Ancient of days. Since this part of the vision is about what will happen in the future at Christ’s second coming and Millennial reign, the Son of man as he appears here is after his incarnation.


  2. Also what is up with the Book of Enoch. There seems to be alot of controversy regarding that book. I still dont understand how angels could mate with women to make the nephilim. Angels are immaterial (ghost like) So i doubt it was possible for them to actually do something like that


    1. Nick,

      You’re right. Angels didn’t mate with humans. That story is mythology. I explain everything about that at this link: https://sunandshield.wordpress.com/2010/01/30/did-angels-mate-with-women-in-genesis/

      Today’s Book of Enoch that is circulating is most likely not the book Jude was quoting from. Since ancient times, Satan has moved people to create forgeries or counterfeits of God’s word, even stealing some phrases or passages from God’s word to make them look legit. I talked about that here: https://sunandshield.wordpress.com/2010/10/21/book-of-jude-quotes-from-apocryphal-books/


      1. Hello Harry. thanks for your responses
        I pray the lord gives you strength and deems you worthy to enter his kingdom and grants you patience. Your work here is marvelous, you have changed peoples lives. God bless you Harry


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