7 things about the last days that will drive environmentalists crazy

book of revelation headerIt’s true that when God created man, the first thing he did was give man a job and that job was to take care of his creation on Earth. It wasn’t long before man messed the whole thing up and prompted God to bring a flood to try to resolve some serious issues. But the flood was a cakewalk in comparison to what lies ahead. I imagine that anyone who is a serious, earth-worshipping, “Gaia is goddess,” tree-hugging environmentalist probably hates the book of Revelation for it’s account of the many judgments that will be handed down to destroy much of the Earth in the last days before Christ’s return to reign. I’ll highlight seven of them, so if you’re a die-hard environmentalist you might not want to read the following list:

  1. Animals will attack and kill humans in very high numbers. (Rev. 6:8)
  2. 1/3 of all trees and grass will be burned by fire falling from the sky mixed with hail and blood. (Rev. 8:7)
  3. 1/3 of the oceans and seas will become blood when God causes a great mountain of fire to be thrown into the sea. (Rev. 8:8)
  4. As a result of #2, 1/3 of all marine life will die. (Rev. 8:9)
  5. Hybrid-like locusts will sting humans and cause them to be in such pain that they will wish they were dead, but they won’t be able to die. (Rev. 9:3-10)
  6. The heat of the sun will be turned up hot enough to cause critical sunburn. (Rev. 16:8-9)
  7. The city of Rome will burn to the ground and give off a lot of smoke into the atmosphere. (Rev. 18)

Ultimately, God will bring all of these things about because the people inhabiting the Earth at this time will have rejected him and his word, persecuted his body of believers–the true Christians, and will promote and boast about their sins. I believe that all the specific plagues will be a testimony against specific things these people hold dear, just like the plagues against Egypt were a judgment against their false gods during Moses’ time.

For instance, the hybrid locusts will be unleashed in response to the ever-increasing experimentation the New World Order is funding to create hybrid creatures in laboratories. It’s like God will be saying, “You want your hybrids? Well here are your hybrids.” People stung by them won’t be able to die in response to the fact they will love death, including euthanasia and abortion. The scorching of the sun will be in response to people worshiping the sun in their various ways. Rome burning will be in response to the very high regard traders, globalists, governments, entertainers, religious leaders, and civic leaders have for the city and especially the Vatican. The overall idolatry underlying all of these judgments is the worship of the environment that will be popular.

It’s important to preserve the environment to sustain life, but when the environment becomes an idol, it seems God has a serious problem with that and as his child, so do I.

Harry A. Gaylord


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  1. Just thinking about it makes me smile, but I’m wrong: I should be praying that every one comes to the Lord in time. But I still can’t help smiling. New Agers (and the whole Green/environmental setup) actually believe that these horrible things will happen because of “Mother Earth’s” revenge because the human race had “failed” to look after “her.” She’d be blowing her top, or something, they believe. (Sigh.) We’ll talk again.


  2. This is a very judgemental way to express how you feel you are somehow smarter than those who care to worry about the well-being of the earth. If all that’s foretold in Revelations is correct then wouldn’t there have to be a logical reason for those disasters to occur? Just wondering, I’m sure God doesn’t just s**t on the earth for no reason.


    1. @Karalee,

      So your judgment is that I’m very judgmental. Your judgment is that I feel I’m smarter than people worried about the earth. Aren’t you being judgmental toward me? Don’t you see how hypocritical that is?

      [If all that’s foretold in Revelations is correct then wouldn’t there have to be a logical reason for those disasters to occur?]

      That’s what my post was about. The logical reason is mankind’s sins which they refuse to repent of. That reason is logical reason enough.


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