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Alfred Kinsey research may be recognized by the UN

The United Nations’ Committee on Non-Government Organizations has highlighted Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction as a possible consultant to the UN for its research established by Alfred Kinsey, who used Freudian principles to “study” human sexuality from the 1930s to 1950s. And by “Freudian principles” I mean he had a no holds barred, or everything goes, approach to sex.

Alfred KinseyJennifer Bass, who serves as Communications Director of the Kinsey Institute, told the UN committee that the Institute seeks to spread its influence worldwide, not just within the U.S. Alfred Kinsey’s work (funded by the globalist Rockefellers) has been found to be unethical although much of what we have seen going on with the spread of pornography, gay rights, gay marriage, adultery, swingers clubs, co-habitation, other forms of promiscuity, and the move to normalize and legalize pedophilia are based on his research.

Experts who have taken a closer look at his so-called research found that Kinsey manipulated and lied about his data in order to get the outcomes to match his warped thinking. He used sex offenders, including pedophiles, to develop much of his research and sheltered them from any prosecution when they sexually assaulted infants, children, family members, and women and related their experiences to him for his records. His data was also based on his own philandering. Although he was married, he believed keeping one’s marriage open to pursue other sex partners was what strengthened marriage. Kinsey also encouraged those who worked for him to do the same.

So it was his usual routine to engage in sex with both his male and female associates, most of whom were married themselves. He also cruised Chicago gay clubs and hangouts for sex partners.

Now the UN wants to bring the Kinsey Institute on board as one of their consulting partners. Undoubtedly, it must be because Kinsey’s perversions are in line with their New World Order aspirations. Which is ironic since just a couple of weeks ago they scolded the Vatican for its pedophile priests. In my opinion, that whole incident was just smoke-and-mirrors that the NWO often engages in to make it appear as if they care about human rights when they really don’t and to make it seem various parties of the NWO oppose each other when they’re really in agreement behind the scenes (I believe the modern term for that is “frenemies”?).

Nevertheless, pro-family groups are mustering up opposition against this UN move before the actual vote takes place at the UN to officially recognize the Kinsey Institute.

Source: Bob Unruh.  UN Set To Recognize Kinsey ‘Sex’ Research. February 16, 2014.

Harry A. Gaylord


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