Responding to the ever-growing concern about teachers having sexual encounters with students in the past two decades and the Government Accountability Office’s discovery that hundreds of sex offenders work in schools, the U.S. House of Representatives has crafted a bill calling for more intense background checks for teachers. You would think this would be a welcomed change by all teachers to make schools a safer place for learning, but that isn’t the case. Two of the most prominent teachers’ unions are opposed to the bill.

classroomThe American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association sent letters to Congress to voice their objections. The AFT said the heightened scrutiny would be an unnecessary lengthy inconvenience for teachers and could potentially harm innocent teachers if the FBI gets inaccurate information. The NEA claimed the background checks would lead to unfair racial disparities among those who teach in schools. Is the NEA assuming minorities who want to teach are predominantly ex-convicts?

Both unions have repeatedly stated many times before that they are the ones who have the best interest of kids in mind and that looking out for their concerns is the equivalent of that. But this latest stand they’re taking shows that the opposite is true. The concerns they expressed to members of the House are just smokescreens to hide their true purpose. These unions are chock full of liberals who were brainwashed when they attended university by their liberal professors into thinking that nothing is wrong with adults having sex with children. They are part of the crowd who want to legalize pedophilia and this bill would complicate that goal.

Why do I think this is their purpose? It’s not only because I have encountered liberal professors who admitted this is one of their goals, but also because a recent case in Michigan shows their hand. A male teacher, Neal Erickson, convicted of repeated sexual abuse of a teenaged boy, was defended by the Michigan affiliate of one of these unions. In spite of Erickson’s conviction, the Michigan Education Association has been fighting for the pervert to get severance pay to the tune of $10,000.

Overall, incidents of sexual abuse in the classroom has not happened to most students, but as the years progress, progressives will be looking to increase such incidents so they can brainwash America into accepting such behavior as normal, just like they did with the gay rights movement.

Source: Washington Free Beacon Staff. Unions Won’t Support Bill to Keep Sex Predators Out of Classrooms. Washington Free Beacon. January 17, 2014.

Harry A. Gaylord