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Hondurans become collateral damage of World Bank in the NWO

Tending African Palm TreeAs we trudge toward the anti-Christian New World Order, we are often told by its policymakers that they desire a world where everyone is treated fairly, where the poor are given a chance to uplift themselves from poverty, where the rich and powerful aren’t allowed to get away with their destructive behavior, and where world peace will be the order of the day. Then those same policymakers turn around and do things that are just the opposite of what they claim. Honduras is a recent example of this.

The World Bank in its efforts to supposedly bring Honduras out of its poverty has ignored the dynamics of the local culture and population as it funds several multi-million dollar projects through its private lenders, known as the International Finance Corporation. The IFC has been backing the huge industy of harvesting palm oil from the African palm trees in that Central American nation. However, the people getting the money are the corrupt police, military, and rich landowners with their private security guards who are working together to target the lands of smaller farmers, their farm workers, and land activists. They have used arson, land grabs, kidnapping, killing, and environmental destruction in their greedy moves to get more funds from the World Bank.

Thus far, approximately 100 people have died in these land wars. Meanwhile, activists have made such an outcry that the IFC has an ongoing investigation into their whole lending process. However, they have given funds to people who they knew were sparking land wars. This is simply par for the course of the NWO who pretend they are against greed and human rights violations while their actions favor greed and human rights violations.

These are the types of things God warned us about in his word that would be typical of the last days of the world as we know it. For example, Revelation tells us that a one world government will force people all over the world to bow to their religion if they want to stay alive and be part of society (Revelation 13:14-15). They will also require them to accept a mark if they want to buy, sell, or trade goods (Revelation 13:17). Daniel tells us the man the NWO will eventually choose to lead them will come in peaceably and by that peace will destroy many by sparking wars to take the belongings of those he doesn’t like, redistributing them to those who kiss his butt, like Hitler did (Daniel 8:23-25; 11:24-31). So it shouldn’t surprise us that his NWO predecessors like the World Bank use similar tactics that are a sample of what lies ahead.

Source: Kate Woodsome. Activists accuse World Bank of deadly dealings in Honduras. Global Post. January 4, 2014.

Harry A. Gaylord


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