Controversial Florida pastor arrested on his way to burn Korans

Terry Jones, the Florida pastor famous for burning Korans, was on his way to a park in Florida today to burn 3,000 of the books soaked in kerosene when authorities arrested him. It’s still unclear what he was charged with.

Jones was apparently about to burn the Korans in commemoration of the 9/11 victims. The mainstream media has made it seem as if the arrest was for the threat of burning the books, but my guess is that the charges will be something to the effect of intention to cause a fire hazard on public property. Jones is blamed by the media for protests that happened in the Islamic world in 2011 after he burned a Koran. However, those who have been watching all the hoopla, violence, and killing going on in Islamic countries in the past few years can see clearly that burning Korans is hardly the reason why Muslims hate others and each other.

If his arrest turns out to be a bunch of trumped up charges with no real legal merit, then it’s a sure sign that some officials in the U.S. think it’s fine to apply sharia at the expense of the Constitution when burning Korans falls under the First Amendment and no one is arrested (to my knowledge) in the U.S. for burning Bibles. Yes, I know such a statement isn’t popular because so many in America have bought into the mainstream media’s mindset of not saying anything or doing anything to offend Muslims for fear they will perpetrate violence, but as long as Jones did not steal the Korans or raid someone’s house to confiscate them or physically attack someone to take them, the act of burning them in accordance with fire safety codes is covered by the First Amendment no matter how offensive (or scary) some consider it to be.

Harry A. Gaylord

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