Pension minister Steve WebbUK Pensions Minister, Steve Webb, released a book recently to promote his political party. It’s entitled ‘Liberal Democrats Do God.’ The book is a compilation of essays from several Ministers of Parliament in the Liberal Democrats.

Webb writes in the book that God’s character in the Christian gospel implies that he is a Liberal Democrat. Therefore, Christians should be at ease about joining his political party. Webb further states, “The Gospel makes it clear that human beings have freedom. Jesus makes it clear that God does not seek slaves, but sons and daughters. And God gave us the most extraordinary freedom – the freedom to reject and crucify his Son. There must be something very precious about freedom, a value dear to the heart of every liberal.”

If you look at this statement carefully, Webb seems to be stating “We Liberal Democrats just love the idea of having the freedom to reject and crucify Christ.” And the policies they embrace reflect that as they not only reject Christ, but place Christ’s people in their crosshairs with their socialist ideas. But, of course, he appears to be assuming that Christians are dumb enough to fall for his attempt to embrace them with a smile as he betrays them with a kiss and a well-timed knife in the back. Really, Mr. Webb?

Let’s take a look at what Lib Dems stand for:

  • LGBT rights, including for marriage.
  • Easing restrictions on access to pornography.
  • Legalization of narcotics & hallucinogens (like cannabis).

God spoke out against all of these practices, warning that they are not only destructive to a society, but that they lead to eternal damnation. Furthermore, the gay rights campaigners and activists that Lib Dems support have been targeting Christians and churches with threats and lawsuits in an effort to stifle freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, and freedom of speech. It’s not pro-freedom when someone is not allowed to express disagreement with someone’s behavior.

The Christian gospel promotes the idea of being sober and avoiding witchcraft, but legalizing drugs promotes getting high, which is harmful not only to the individual doing drugs, but is harmful to those around them, especially if they choose to drive a vehicle while high. Drugs and witchcraft go hand-in-hand and legalizing drugs increases witchcraft activities, including the attempts to control people by spiking their foods and drink, or poisoning them to do harm, or contacting spirit guides (devils) to wish harm for vengeance.

So while Mr. Webb and his fellow Lib Dems are attempting to get votes, their actions prove that they really don’t like Christians, and the Bible shows that God would never be a Liberal Democrat. God is completely righteous and is for the things that please him. Humans are beneath him since he created them and in general, humans are not trustworthy while God always is.

Draw me not away with the wicked, and with the workers of iniquity, which speak peace to their neighbours, but mischief is in their hearts. Psalm 28:3

Source: Peter Dominiczak. God is a Lib Dem, minister says. 25 Aug. 2013.