Gay ‘marriage’ weakness? It can never be as good as the original

Gay rights activists love to make the argument that discriminating against them is like discriminating against skin color and they attempt to equate their movement to the Civil Rights Movement. However, this argument isn’t valid. Neither are their arguments for gay ‘marriage’, which really isn’t marriage at all, but a cheapened imitation and mockery of the real thing. This is one reason why it will never rise to the level of being the benefit to society that real marriage is.

It is established fact that marriage between one man and one woman is the best household scenario for children to become productive members of society when their parents make it a point to fulfill their roles as a good mother and father to their kids. Gay marriage, as many have aptly explained, takes marriage’s focus away from genuine self-sacrifice for children and the family and places the focus on doing what feels good to one’s own selfish desires.

Homosexuals have the same rights to medical care, market investments, employment, and choice of sex partners that others have. They also have the equal right to marry a woman if they’re a man and to marry a man if they’re a woman. Is it discriminatory to stop two people of the same gender from ‘marrying’? Isn’t that the same as discriminating against interracial marriage?

Yes, laws against gay ‘marriage’ discriminate. But those laws discriminate against behavior and not against persons as gay rights activists would have us believe. We have many laws that discriminate against behavior such as reckless driving, physical assault, sexual assault, and murder. But can any of the people involved in such behaviors claim it’s wrong to discriminate against them? No, because they do harm to society and those discriminatory laws are set up to preserve society.

Interracial marriage isn’t like gay ‘marriage’ because a person cannot change the skin they were born with or ethnic group they were born into. People who are gay make the choice to be that way and they can also make the choice not to be gay. Sexual preferences are a changeable choice and even gay rights activists know this although they deny it. How can we tell? Because many of them have actively targeted straight people to try to convert them or seduce them into their homosexual lifestyle. Now if they believe straight people can be turned to gay why is it they publicly deny that those who are bent can become straight? They simply lie to further their cause.

Gay rights activists are simply attempting to take society’s focus away from the facts that reveal true gender, such as one’s chromosomes and physical genitalia, to place the focus on feelings, which are unstable and can change.

So those of us who oppose gay ‘marriage’ should keep pressing forward in our views. Our history shows that courts, be they called District, Appellate, or Supreme, tend not to be the last word on vital issues. Courts have upheld slavery in our past, but then it was overturned by the facts. Courts preserved racial discrimination, but then the facts tore most of it down. Courts laid the foundation for the promotion of Darwinian evolution, but the facts have revealed its weaknesses and it is losing power. Courts attempted to kill prayer in schools, but students have been leading the charge to bring it back. Courts told us killing unborn children is perfectly fine and moral and justified, but the facts have shown that babies are fully human in the first trimester and abortion’s death grip is loosening little-by-little. Yes, facts are stubborn things and the facts will show that gay ‘marriage’ can never be as vital or decent as the original.


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Harry A. Gaylord

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