Lightning bolt strikes pregnant woman–she survives to give birth to healthy baby

On July 4th, New Mexico couple Kendra Villanueva and Ian Gordon were watching fireworks in someone’s front yard when lightning struck both of them out of nowhere. Villanueva was several weeks shy of her due date.

After emergency personnel worked to make sure they were okay, Kendra was rushed to the University of New Mexico Medical Center where doctors gave her an emergency Cesarian section. Kimberly Samantha Rose Gordon was delivered without complications. The parents and baby all came through the lightning strike. New dad Ian had an eardrum blown out from the strike and the couple may have reoccurring muscle spasms from the lightning, but they are happy to be alive with their healthy baby girl who has no effects from the lightning.

They nicknamed the baby ‘little Flash Gordon’ with the hopes that their daughter will accomplish something great, acknowledging that someone must be looking out for them. Yes, there is someone looking out for them. His name is Jehovah.

Source: Jason Howerton. Real-Life Miracle: Pregnant Woman Survives Lightning Strike … Then Gives Birth To Baby Girl (AKA ‘Little Flash Gordon’). July 11, 2013.

Harry A. Gaylord

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