God raises newborn girl in Brazil from the dead

An infant born in a hospital in Brazil made it through her birth just fine. But seconds later, little Yasmin stopped breathing and all signs of life vanished from her little body. Doctor Aurelio Filipak made several efforts to revive her, but baby Yasmin never responded, and the doctor had no choice but to sign a death certificate.

Hospital staff laid the baby in a coffin, but the nurse who was charged with taking the baby to the morgue was too emotional to do it right away, so she took the baby’s body to the hospital chapel until she could get herself together emotionally. Three hours later, the baby’s grandmother arrived and volunteered to take her dead granddaughter to the morgue. When she opened the coffin, she was shocked to see her granddaughter kicking and looking around inside the coffin.

The nurse and grandmother rejoiced at the discovery. The doctor said in his 20 years of practicing medicine, he had never witnessed anything like it. Yasmin’s mother, Jenifer, attributes the miracle to God. She says, “If it was his will that our daughter had died, we would have accepted it, but he brought her back, so there must be a higher purpose in all this.” Yasmin’s family says they plan to change her name to Victoria for the victory of her resurrection.

Source: Toyin Owoseje. ‘Dead’ Brazil Baby Girl Wakes Up Minutes Before Being Taken to the Morgue. International Business Times. July 11, 2013.

Harry A. Gaylord

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