Louisville church shows Boy Scouts the door

A megachurch in Louisville, Kentucky, has decided to end its relationship with the Boy Scouts of America after the organization voted to allow gay young men to become scouts. The executive pastor of the church, Tim Hester, explained that Southeast Christian Church has godly missions to fulfill and the Boy Scouts are moving in the opposite direction of their purposes. Hester says the church board had come to the decision before the Boy Scouts of America voted on the issue, implying the church was put off when the organization even considered making changes to appease gay activists.

The church will not renew its charter agreement with the Scouts, who have been allowed to use the church’s facilities. The Scouts have been asked to leave the premises as soon as they can find a new sponsor.

Is there any harm in allowing gay boys to be Scouts? Many think it isn’t a problem. After all, gay boys are harmless, or so they think. But when one considers the fallen world we live in, the dangers of allowing gay scouts are very real. It is a proven fact that many boys who identify themselves as gay have been sexually molested at some point in their lives. It is also a fact that child-on-child sexual abuse incidents have been going up in the U.S. Why is child-on-child sexual abuse a problem? Because children who are sexually abused many times abuse other children. Additionally, children exposed to porn at an early age (which is happening more often because of the Internet & parents not policing their children’s internet usage) sometimes sexually abuse other children.

Therefore, the danger that gay boys will sexually abuse other boys in the Scouts is a very real danger. If we have witnessed incidents of male-on-male sexual assault increase in the military since DADT was repealed and the soldiers are grown men, then do we really expect anything different from kids who are less mature than grown men? Maybe that’s what liberals are hoping for so the numbers of homosexuals will increase.

Source: Mark Boxley. Southeast Christian Church to break with Boy Scout troop. Louisville Courier-Journal. May 26, 2013.

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  1. No, I do not believe in practising homosexuals being in leadership roles in the scouts, but let me ask this: do we ban all children who profess to be gay or confess having been molested (not something exclusive to the gay community) from attending any organisation that has the bible as its foundation? Let it not be so, or we shall be alienating from the gospel message and the love of Christ the very people we are trying to reach. I’m afraid I don’t agree with this stance at all.


    1. Michaela, you bring up some good points. Are the Boy Scouts trying to share the gospel with their decision? Or are they trying to start a type of gay-straight alliance as is done in schools?

      1 Peter 4:4 says unbelievers think we’re strange for not accepting or taking part in their sin. The goal of gay activists is to change our ways while they refuse to change. And they recruit kids who identify as gay to do the same.

      If a child identifying himself as gay wants to become masculine & sees the Boy Scouts as a way to help him dump his gayness, that would be commendable. But the Boy Scouts want to affirm gays in their gayness.

      Reaching gays with the gospel should be the church’s goal. However, the Scouts have given the middle finger to the idea so the Church needs to figure out what the proper setting is for this to happen.


  2. I hope more host churches follow suit and that all true believers in Yeshua will pull their sons out of the scouts to protect their purity.


  3. Don’t think for a second that the Gay Rights Activists pushing this change genuinely care for the well-being of the boys within the Scouting program. Our politically-correct indoctrinated culture has been trained to “give in” on any issue if it is “for the children”. These activists are evil to their core. This is not much different than the way that the Hezbollah uses children as a human shield to protect their rocket launching bases from attack. These activists are simply using these children to get what they want – the eventual UN Human Rights Treaty that would free children’s sexuality from their parents oversight. The Man-Boy Love Association (MBLA) is very optimistic about legalizing their harmful perversion in the name of love and acceptance.


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