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Texas dumps controversial CSCOPE curriculum

The state of Texas is known throughout the country for leading the way in school curricula and setting the standard for textbooks used all across America. But a curriculum adopted in recent years just proved too much for many Texans to bear with the left wing ideals that it was teaching public school kids.

Known as CSCOPE, the online curriculum turned out to be very anti-American in its views. For instance, it taught the following:

  • American revolutionary fighters who sought to be loosed from the tyranny of Great Britain were terrorists.
  • The only true god is Allah.
  • It suggested that teachers persuade female students to wear burqas or a hijab, the Muslim women’s headgear, while in class.
  • It touted communism as the best form of government for a country to have.
  • It called Christianity a religious cult that copied off of the ancient Egyptian story about Osiris.

The uproar finally became too loud for the school districts to ignore that adopted it, so as of August 31 CSCOPE will be history in Texas schools.

Source: Lindsay Kastner and Eva Ruth Moravec. Texas curriculum dropped after complaints from lawmakers. Houston Chronicle. May 20, 2013.

Harry A. Gaylord


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